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Goal Zero 41022 Solar Recharging Kit Review By amit bt

goal zero charging kit

If you are looking for a recharging kit around the market today which can provide you with energy originating from either solar or power energy, then there is no better choice but this Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit. Built with total satisfactory rate for its users in mind along with the incorporation of latest technology, you have nothing more to look for with this kit. Featuring a cottony surface and a light weight, this kit can be a very convenient companion wherever you go. Simply buy the original one and never from any existing frauds around in order to get the best benefits of this recharging kit.. Read more

DM 145 Watts Review By Gregor Sullivan

solar panel 144 watt

If you are looking for a quality solar panel, which at the same time has a reasonable price, look no further. The DM Solar 145 Watt Polycrystalline Panel is one of the best priced solar panels currently available on the markets. If you want the longer version of what I just said, please read on for a review of the main pros and cons of this panel... Read more

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels By Gregor Sullivan

solar panel 50 w

Mono-crystalline materials are those made out of single crystals. The alternative name is single-crystalline. Silicon — the base element of the entire electronic industry — is a chemical element suitable for producing macroscopic single crystals (mono-Si). This means that the bulk mono-Si wafers consist of regularly distributed silicon atoms that strictly follow one direction in space or one particular plane... Read more

Review of Brunton 26 Watt CIGS Solar Cells By Gregor Sullivan

solar panel

Portable solar cells used to be something exclusive, something you could only see in the movies. Not any more. The super convenient Brunton CIGS solar cells (code name Solaris 26) are now available for everyone who needs them at a very affordable price. In this review, we will go through the most important features – pointing out both the advantages and disadvantages of the Brunton 26 Watt foldable solar panel... Read more

Reducing My Eco Foot Print With Solar Power By Jon Dunn

solar panel

Are your expenses outpacing your income? I know mine are. Between gas, groceries, and my utility bills, it is driving me crazy. And, don't get me going on the economy. I haven't had a raise in three years. Luckily, I am able to cut back on my driving, and I am more careful about what I put in the grocery cart... Read more

6 Everyday Changes to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Get More 'Green' By Mark Harris


With our planet in jeopardy and humans being the culprit, it’s no surprise that to make a better world for our children and grandchildren, we need to start living differently. Namely, we need to start reducing our carbon footprint; using less of the world’s resources. At the rate we’re working, we’re using more of the planet than there is without replenishment and this means within our children’s lifetimes, they won’t have the natural resources that we have to live our lives. Now is time for change... Read more

How To Make The Most Of Your Solar Panels By Rob

silicon solar panels

Solar panels have become more and more popular around the UK in the recent years. This is partly driven by the UK government (and to a wider extent European and Worldwide regulation) with the feed in tariff, which is a good sell back rate that was offered, and partly by the conscience of the people. Whatever the driver, since 2009 worldwide generation has risen from 7 to 30 gigawatts, and a good chunk of that is in the UK. In tough economic times it's not easy to make a big outlay on something like solar panels, but Britons seem to consider it as somewhat of an investment, so despite the reduction in the rate recently the sales keep on going up... Read more

Solar PV Jargon By Enviko

silicon wafer

Few people are interested to learn how Solar PV panels actually work. They believe it is too complex to understand and that it involves too many scientific words which sound like double Dutch. When something has the reputation of being too technical, then it is best to avoid having much to do with it. That is, unless, you are seriously thinking about buying one of those fads. They are, after all, the talk of the town, and everyone seems to be trying them out. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your baby worked, though? Read more

3 Major Roadblocks with Renewable Energy Today By Micky Hansen


Take a step back, and renewable energy appears to be the perfect answer to alleviate the burgeoning climate change crisis, increasing energy consumption, and tensions over fossil fuel. In an ideal world, clean energy is a no-brainer, but the world is not ideal. In the real world, ideals are obstructed by economics, politics, and feasibility constraints. Let’s walk through three major roadblocks to the proliferation of renewable energy today; infrastructure barriers, efficiency and reliability Issues, and cost... Read more

Prince Philip & The Fantasy of Renewable Energy By David Kendell

wind turbines

Here's the thing: in my own small way, I am doing my best to save the world. I am heartily sick of not being acknowledged by Prince Philip.

I know what you're thinking, 'He's a grown man, he works in the renewable energy industry, he should be on top of the world.' Well, you're very kind, maybe a little hyperbolic, but I know.  I love my job. I work for a company that's invested in supplying homes and businesses with electricity produced entirely by renewables throughout the country. We've got a community of over 250,000 independent generators, harnessing energy from the wind, sun and sea providing energy that requires no carbon, no nuclear and no fossil fuels. The ladies should be all over me.... Read more

Photovoltaic Solar Panels In The UK By Gillian

the energy of the sun

If you’re seriously thinking about installing solar panels in your home, then you're one of a vast growing number of people who have quite literally seen the light and appreciate the financial and environmental benefits of investing in a long-term energy solution.
Turning sunlight into energy is nothing new, but the scale on which it is now happening is revolutionary. Breakthrough advances in solar technology have made it more practical, cost-effective and accessible to make the switch to solar than ever before. 
To understand how the process works and how you could benefit from the installation of solar panels, read on... Read more

Top 10 Home Energy-Saving Technologies By Wellhome

Do you really know how much you are spending on energy in your home? You might know how much you are paying every month for your household energy, but you probably have no idea how much that brand-new dishwasher you bought for the kitchen costs you every month. However, with technology at the level it is at today, this is possible to know and monitor. Knowing how much and where your energy goes has been proven to decrease your monthly energy bill by up to 6-18%. This is simply because you are more conscious of what is turned on and what does not need to be turned on all the time. We've rounded up an inspiring selection top-rated applications, gadgets, and other technological devices that will help you track your energy and save some money... Read more

Top Tips to Reduce Energy Bills By Stephanie Staszko

Many people talk about ways to reduce their energy consumption, but what about energy that is produced and lost? Heating the home is a major consumption of energy and if your home isn't energy efficient you can end up spending unnecessary money.... Read more

What Can I Do With a 60-Watt Solar Panel? By Gregor

Solar panels are becoming increasingly more available today as the prices of many home solar systems go down. For the same amount of money, you can get considerably more clean and renewable power for your home than ever before. But what are exactly the possibilities of a typical 60-Watt solar panel? Read more

DIY Methods for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient By seomasters

The combination of rocketing fuel prices and the colder than normal winter have meant many people are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and cut down on future bills. There are lots of practical DIY steps that you can take as a homeowner to do this. Read more

Photovoltaic Cell Technologies and Materials By Gregor Sullivan

When it comes to manufacturing and technology of production, the photovoltaic solar cells exploited today can be divided into three main groups: solar cells produced from amorphous materials (AM), poly-crystalline materials (PC), and single-crystalline materials (SC). Read more

Best Solar Battery Charger: Sunforce 60 Watt 50048 Review By Gregor Sullivan

Writing reviews is something I enjoy doing, and this time I've taken the time to check out the field of solar power chargers. I am a huge fan of the renewable energy concept, but like most families, my family is heavily dependant on the conventional energy sources. When I started looking, my thoughts were, I would feel so much better if we gave less money to the power company, at the same time supporting this free, renewable power concept in my own home. Read more