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Goal Zero 41022 Solar Recharging Kit Review

By amit bt

If you are looking for a recharging kit around the market today which can provide you with energy originating from either solar or power energy, then there is no better choice but this Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit. Built with total satisfactory rate for its users in mind along with the incorporation of latest technology, you have nothing more to look for with this kit. Featuring a cottony surface and a light weight, this kit can be a very convenient companion wherever you go. Simply buy the original one and never from any existing frauds around in order to get the best benefits of this recharging kit.

goal zero kit preview

Particularly, this kit is nicely built with a light weight solar panel, a pack of battery—Guide 10, that is, 4xAA battery holder along with 10Ahr storage capacity, utilized with a 2500mAh AA NiMH batteries, four of which are NiMH batteries, an adapter, USB cable and AAA batteries for the Guide 10. With this kit, you have a rugged, portable kit as exploratory as you. Simply charge any AA batteries or USB port to this kit and it can now power-up your GPS, MP3, or tablet in a pinch.

goal zero kit in use

For those who have a working career which involves a lot of time to time travels or for those who simply love to be out of the house or go hiking, this kit will most likely benefit them. Most especially since it can be used to charge your device through the rays of the sun, it is a perfect companion to an adventurous as you.

The included Nomad 7 Solar panel is of monocrystalline type. Monocrystalline solar cells give more power than the polycrystalline panels of same size. Nomad 7 is ultra portable and lightweight and has a capacity of 7 W. It is water resistant and enables charging hand held USB devices directly from the sun.

Special Features

  • Charge smart phone directly in one hour
  • Made from cotton
  • Charge up removable AAA or AA batteries from sun or USB
  • Built-in LED light can run for more than 150 hours each charge
  • Includes 4AA rechargeable batteries
  • Includes Guide 10 Plus power pack and Nomad 7 solar panel
  • Power output: batteries, AAA/ AA or USB
  • Ideal for devices such as headlamp, GPS, tinier USB devices and phones
  • Weight: 1.2 pound
  • Durable


  • Great quality
  • Portability
  • Performs great
  • The AA batteries could be substituted or utilized for other items
  • Affordable
  • The LED light can be great flashlight


  • Difficult to get a full charge most especially if you are using your device while charging
  • Neither of the two permanent cords mounted to the solar cells is a micro USB that is great for all cell phones except for Apple smart phones

What People are saying About the Product?

With a few downsides over a variety of upsides, who would not love to acquire this recharging kit for themselves now? Among those who have given their customer reviews about this product on, we can see a lot of good feedbacks. Out of the 138 people who have reviewed the product so far, it gained an overall 83 five star rating. With this, it only goes to show that the product is indeed a useful and beneficial one for everyone. So grab one now!

Where to buy

You can buy this Solar Recharging Kit online from Amazon. Click here to view this device on

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