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Charm and Wisdom of Kabbalah – First-hand Information

By Mollie Porein

During the stay of an aspiring paper writer, I read much in the learned books of the Kabbalah. The doctrine is rather impressive with its inner power and pursuit of discovering all facets of the Lord. It’s based on two main postulates – generalized and circumstantial.

It means that all humanity should attempt to understand the universe's deepest secrets only chosen are able to get the possibility of knowing the unknowable. The Rav Raiah Kook says that Kabbalah teaches that it’s not enough to follow Torah commands by law but try to learn the inner things.

Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah – Interesting and Unexpected Answers to All Questions

Kabbalah is a science about a Universe , about its beginning and end, formation process, general structure, and its development. It deals with the following aspects.

  • Creation of the world, including outer space, solar system, flora, fauna, and human beings.

  • Process, functioning, the ultimate goal of the whole universe development.

  • The possibility of human intervention in this process.

  • Connections between our current condition and those ones that we featured before our birth.

  • Meaning of life and reasons for living.

  • Earth's wheel of life.

  • The opportunity to bring something exalted and divine in our earthly existence.

  • Sources of sciences, culture, and art.

I guess, Kabbalists are the happiest people in the world because they’re able to explain everything with an interesting point of view. Besides, they don’t wrap other people up neatly in bonds of reason, strict education, and proof. On the contrary, they don’t limit the human’s creativity and let them express their perception of the world.

Kabbalah as Unique Method of Cognition

The doctrine remains distinct from other religions. Kabbalists aren’t going to claim that they get exclusive knowledge from birth. Besides Kabbalah allows knowing about the universe starting from its roots. The mysteries come down to us and become understandable through all 5 senses.

The whole process consists of plenty of levels and we can manage reality, to varying degrees, on each of them. It helps understand that we had many lives and it reveals the number of births that are necessary to realize the universe completely. In other words, our soul gets physical shell several times until it becomes perfect.

Unique Method of Cognition

Prominent Kabbalists’ Thought in Their Books

Kabbalistic literature has always been very popular among outstanding people of all times. For example, Isaak Newton learned the Hebrew language to be able to read Kabbalistic books in the original. While reading in Hebrew, one can proceed with a certain set of spiritual actions. He/she sees instructions and recommendation in the words and word combinations. Kabbalistic texts help feel the world above us and take everything in to develop our sixth sense – a screen that displays the picture of the upper world.

Doctor Michael Laitman gives clear answers to the most frequently asked questions in order to publicize the dissemination of the Kabbalah’s wisdom throughout the world. He insists that Kabbalah is crucial to realize the essence and goal of one’s everyday life. Michael Laitman is engaged in plenty of social and educational activities. He got the title “Rav” from his followers in respect for his teachings.

Myths and Negative Stereotyping of Kabbalah

When people see something strange and unfamiliar, they used to create myths and give absurd explanations. Let’s see some popular beliefs.

  1. No one can learn Kabbalah up to age 40.

Indeed, no age limits exist. It’s available to men, women, and even children of any age. Any restrictions took place before the XVI century.

  1. Kabbalah is an occult science.

Actually, it discovers knowledge that can be open to any person. Some thousands of years ago, it was really secret but those times sunk into oblivion.

  1. Kabbalah is a religion that requires blind faith.

Kabbalah is opposite to any religion because it allows opening up the current reality during processing information that reaches our brain via 5 senses. Besides, it permits to use high technologies and other achievements of modern civilization in order to enlarge the range of those senses’ abilities. It also implies the 6th sense’s development to discover the most invisible nuances of our world.

  1. Kabbalah ensures success in business activity.

The doctrine isn’t going to provide you with a win-win prescription for doing well in your everyday life because it’s not focused on human’s selfish features and desires. Kabbalah doesn’t promise any tempting perspectives in terms of profitable bargains, high-paying jobs, etc. It just gives you a chance to see how to do the right thing in order to gain eternity in return.

  1. Kabbalah predicts the future.

It says that the final goal is clear. The humankind is in danger and new world wars are in the future if we don’t get serious and start implementing the program of correction. However, no one is able to see either the whole path of humanity or the steps of every separate person.

There’re tons of other delusions that’s why it’s better to check it out for yourself and to apply for the dedicated teachers. So, next, we shall address some books that will be rather helpful.

Zohar as the Guiding Star

This book is not for rookies but for those people that have already reached the spiritual perception. It’s a real guidebook to help us navigate in the maze of our feelings, thought, and emotions. The book describes the arrangement of the spiritual world, the displacement of souls from one world to another. It also opens the secret meaning of letters and words. The book is remarkable for its impact on the peoples’ vision and way of thinking.

Kabbalah Textbooks for Beginners

Some recognized books help to dive into the foundations of the philosophy.

  • Rabash is social writing but it was not written for reading only. It gives tips and hints for the behavior in your everyday life and your actions within the study group. The book delivers practical information about Kabbalah wisdom.

  • Rav Baruch Ashlag and his son created Kabbalah for the Students. They tried to answer the most painful questions about the senses of our life. The textbook explains complicated issues in simple terms.

  • Shamati is a notebook and it introduces the transcripts of Rav Baruch Ashlag’s dialogs with his father.

  • Kabbalah for Beginners by Michael Laitman displays a very quick view of classic Lurianic Kabbalah as presented by Beni Baruch. It deals with a brief history, overviews the concepts, and introduces Kabbalistic texts, as well as teaches and how to study.

  • The Book of Secret Wisdom offers a translation of an extra 12 stanzas of the ancient Book of Dzyan. It also includes a wonderful glossary of Theosophical or metaphysical concepts.

So, as one can see, there’s no lack in literature and teachers to the universe’s patterns. Have you ever had any Kabbalah experiences? Please, share the impressions and opinions. If lacking theory and practice, what do you expect from this doctrine?

About the Author

Mollie Porein is a well-known paper writer who reads a lot by virtue of her occupation. At the dawn of her career, she dove deeply into the Kabbalah doctrine and became their follower. Now she tries to adhere to its principle and she shares her thoughts, and experiences with both new adherents and those who just demonstrate his/her interest.


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