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Charm and Wisdom of Kabbalah – First-hand Information By Mollie Porein

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During the stay of an aspiring paper writer, I read much in the learned books of the Kabbalah. The doctrine is rather impressive with its inner power and pursuit of discovering all facets of the Lord. It’s based on two main postulates – generalized and circumstantial. It means that all humanity should attempt to understand the universe's deepest secrets only chosen are able to get the possibility of knowing the unknowable. The Rav Raiah Kook says that Kabbalah teaches that it’s not enough to follow Torah commands by law but try to learn the inner things... Read more

Live to Eat or Eat to Live? By Uriel Sella

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One of the basic human needs is eating and drinking. Eating and drinking is also one of the pleasures that human-beings enjoy. Many religions also have their own dietary laws that somewhat restrict what their members can or cannot eat. For people who are not religious these laws can seem strange and restricting but for religious people these laws can, introduce a whole different understanding of food and its purpose... Read more

Mystical Judaism By Uriel Sella

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Often, when people speak to religious people of any religion, they are intrigued by how the religious people view subjects such as heaven and hell; angels and devils; life after death and G-d's nature. Judaism is no different in that it addresses these questions; perhaps what sets it apart from other religions is the openness with which is deals with them... Read more

The Kabbalah By Bryan

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“The Kabbalah” is a school of thought from the earliest Hebrew traditions that expresses a unique and fascinating perspective on spirituality, creation, and the relationship between God the Creator and his creations in the physical world - particularly, humans. The core teachings of the Kabbalah are over 4,000 years old, making it one of the most ancient spiritual paths in the world. However, the way of the Kabbalah was largely unknown outside of Hebrew culture until it surfaced for a while in Spain in the 11th Century, and sporadically throughout Europe for several centuries after that... Read more

The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Major Arcana By Pythia

the Tree of Life

If you have never heard about it, there is a straightforward correlation between the subset of Tarot Cards named Major Arcanas and the Kabbalah. The implications are so profound and true that if you have never heard about them you have missed a lot in terms of the underlying meaning and spiritual attributes of Tarot. The link is established by taking a good look at the symbolic representation of Tree of Life of Kabbalah. The Tree of life constitutes of 10 Spheres or Levels of Influence, called Sephirot (plural) and 22 Paths connecting these Sephirot (see the image for clarifications). The 10 Sephirot are:.. Read more

The Power of a Name By Neil Street

A recent story in the Huffington Post reported on a study of baby names that found kids whose names started with the letter "A" did better in school, and in college, than kids whose names did not.... Read more