Rebirthing - Introduction


If one wants to learn the rebirthing technique it is of outmost importance to adopt firstly the theoretical background. Rebirthing is such a technique where a person is being encouraged to recall and relive his/her own birth. It is a moment of renewed psychological, physiological, and spiritual experience of the first breath, and at the same time a moment of releasing the trauma that has occurred at the very beginning of physical existence. The purpose of rebirthing is healing the subconscious imprint of birth as primal pain and changing it into a feeling of pleasure. The effect of rebirthing is momentary.

Leonard Orr has adopted some elements of Kriya yoga and pranayama and transformed them into a technique of conscious and connected breathing suitable for the western people and their way of life. The very essence of rebirthing is in the conscious, connected, so called circular breathing which leads to increased activation of one’s inner potential, energy, consciousness and will. Thus, the expression “conscious connected breathing” is more suitable to describe this technique than the term rebirthing, which is still being used due to historical reasons. At the beginning the rebirthing took place in hot water. The water was considered as a strong stimulant for reactivation of the fetus environment prior to leaving the mother’s womb. As the technique developed, it became apparent that the water environment can stimulate the participants too much, so the rebirthing started to take place out of water. It also became evident that the presence of qualified rebirther – a person who has already gone through the process of releasing his/her traumas – can give the participant a feeling of protection and security.

Rebirthing has an extraordinary purifying and healing power. Not only the physical body, but also one’s mind and the soul are cleansed, and a variety of emotional and mental barriers are being released.

Each time when an emotion of anger, envy, or pain occurs we withhold our breath. Instead of breathing fully, our breath becomes shallow, superficial. The breath is the fundament of life. Life begins with a single breath and, also, life ends with one last breath. The connection life – breath is fundamental.

Breathing is also connected to energy charging. The circular breathing during rebirthing leads to relaxing the body and mind, and before long emotions from all parts of one’s life begin to surface. After reliving those emotions, the suppressed energy is free and available, to be used creatively in everyday life.

If this process of releasing suppressed energy is successful, and if one releases enough suppressed material, at the end of the rebirthing exercise a feeling of blissfulness and joy appears.

From a more personal point of view, we can say that rebirthing feels great. Many people erroneously believe that rebirthing relieves us from the painful memory of the moment of birth. It may do that, but it is much more than that. It brings a resolution and frees us from the suppressed inner conflicts of our entire past, not just the moment of birth. Rebirthing is very healing and also helps us release from the accumulated stress and anxiety.

Rebirthing can help you activate your inner potential and, which is much more important, it can help you BE what you really deep inside ARE. So, it is up to you to make the first step.


Amudhan says:

I am a level 2 reiki pracrtitioner. Will it be okay for me to do your rebirthing exercise, please provide me with more information abou the same.

sunnyray says:

Hi Amudhan,
I don’t think practicing rebirthing on your own is such a good idea. This exercise is physically and psychologically very intense, and thus, having a qualified rebirther nearby is practically a must.

harriet says:

Where in Uganda or East Africs is rebirthing done? Please advise.

sunnyray says:

I really couldn't tell, but hopefully, someone from our visitors will know. Thanks for the comment.

Joan says:

What synchronicity! Hello, Sunny Ray, I just began to read the 2009 edition of Nothing in This Book is True But...

I look forward to learning more about rebirthing.

sunnyray says:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment, Joan. Thanks for the book reference too. As for rebirthing, I can refer you to the best possible source, Leonard Orr's own website. Rebirthing is an immensely powerful technique, but it should be done in the presence of a qualified instructor. Many blessings!

Brian Divine says:

Hello archangel brothers and sisters and lightworkers and collective family. My, Brian Divine, birthday rebirth ceremony on 04/19/22 was when I became fully embodied and I am Zadkiel here to encourage remember forgive abundantly bless and heal all discord for new earth. Archangel Freedom reporting for duty sir and maam

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