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How to Deal with Tense Situations the Proper Way

By l.m.

Tense situations are something we simply can't avoid in our life, no matter how much we try to do so.

One obvious solution is to leave the scene, but that's not an option in many practical situations.

Even if you try to be calm and in peace with yourself and with the people around you, things often get complicated very quickly... It seems out of thin air.

It is amazing how fast sometimes we move from relative calm to frustration and angry behavior. In other situations, tension seems to be mounting more slowly, getting worse as time goes by. Hard to say which one is more challenging to deal with.

Some people have the power to provoke the worst in you. They do that without too much trouble and more often that other people you know.

on the verge of breaking

So what can you do to prevent this?

There is a simple technique that you can perform each time you find yourself agitated and disturbed.

  1. The first think you should do, is to identify your emotional state as early as possible. Whenever you start feeling upset, don't wait for the things to get worse. React promptly.

    If you stay idle for too long, the irritation may cross the threshold of no return. Once you have reacted with anger and disdain, it is much more difficult to be calm again. More often than not, the things only get worse from that point on.

  2. Take control of your breath. As soon as you feel tensed, calm yourself by calming your breathing.

    It is a well known fact that there is an intimate link between our breathing and our mind.

    When we are agitated, our breathing gets more intense. And the other way around. When we manage to calm our breathing, our mind is automatically relaxed too.

  3. Be aware of your calm, effortless, natural breathing. Then, try to reach the other person from your heart and extend your calmness to them. See yourself as being connected and in harmony.

    In reality, this harmony is all that exists between us. The rest is just misunderstanding, ego, and illusion. Don't you ever break this harmonious, healthy state of understanding and love.

There is not a single situation in life when you cannot apply this technique.

Remember, it is easy to react angrily. It takes no effort from your side. And later on, you will be sorry for reacting that way.

And, it is difficult to stay calm. It takes a lot of effort, paying attention and composure. But later on, you will be glad you didn't react!

First time you manage to pull through a tense situation, you will get confidence. You will see and feel the benefit of doing so. It will be much more easy to repeat this technique the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

Do you have your own way of dealing with a stressful and tense situations. Please share it with us in the comment section below. God bless!

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l.m. is a member of the sunnyray editorial staff.

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