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Self Hypnosis is a Powerful Tool for your Life By Rebecca Carter

tense situation

Self hypnosis is a life-changing tool that I learned. Since that time I have found a lot of different uses for this tool. Many people are apprehensive about self hypnosis because they are not quite sure what it is. Once they understand how it works, they are no longer apprehensive and are open to using it... Read more

How to Deal with Tense Situations the Proper Way By l.m.

tense situation

Tense situations are something we simply can't avoid in our life, no matter how much we try to do so. One obvious solution is to leave the scene, but that's not an option in many practical situations. Even if you try to be calm and in peace with yourself and with the people around you, things often get complicated very quickly... It seems out of thin air... Read more

Kirlian Photography: Science or Metascience? By scintill

kirlian photography of a hand

Photos obtained by the method developed by the Russian researchers Semyon and Valentina Kirlian (the first photographs were taken in 1939) are called Kirlian photographs. The method implies placing an object between two oscillatory plates, one of which is sensitive to the leakage current of high voltage applied to the object being photographed. This method is able to provide attractive images that show colored energy “transpiration” of organic objects... Read more

How to Live in the Present and Exponentially Increase Your Happiness By l.m.

You have had a day full of confusion and disorder and you want to bring some peace and calm in it? There is one thing you can do that immediately sorts things out - find out how to live in the present! This skill is super easy to explain, although it is not so easy to implement because it requires practice. Being present in the here is now is one of the most outstanding, life-changing tools that is always at your disposal... Read more

What Does Intuition Mean and How to Develop It By l.m.

Every one of us has experienced certain types of situations where intuitive understanding prevails over the ordinary intellectual processes. For example, a person can get a tremendous inner sense that something is going to happen, even though there is no indication or rational explanation for such possible outcome. To the surprise of the people present, these hunches prove to be right and to correspond to real events. Read more