Universal Trinity of Man

Usually in the spiritual community under the term "trinity of man" we consider the trinity of Body, Soul and Spirit. As abstract as this division is, we all have a good intuitive concept of these 3 aspect of our microcosm. However, there is more to the Universal Trinity of Man than what the above definition has to say.

As a matter of fact, the area of the Spirit of our microcosm is also represented as a Trinity, and this is what we call Immortal or Universal Trinity. By living our lives, we gradually develop our higher planes. Firstly, we develop our mind on the Psychic plane -- the level of Akasha. Here we learn to manifest the spiritual principle of courage, fearlessness, and faith in God's radiance. This is the way in which the Spirit of Man is build up. The thoughts are getting more altruistic, and our life more noble. The enlightenment that descends from this plane to the mental body is presented to us as a power of discernment.

Transcendental and Divine

Next, the body of consciousness on the Transcendental plane is developed. Here everything is ruled by the spiritual principle of intuition of the totality of life. We begin to correctly contemplate the spiritual truths since we are intuitively able to recognize their existence.

The bare intellect is useless in the area that lies beyond the reach of its activity. When the Spirit of Life -- Christ in us is developed to a certain degree, it starts to influence the mental body and the Soul of Rationality via a Divine call for action. We begin to investigate life and the various problems of existence looking for a way out from the world of illusions and suffering. We strive to live the higher life of the Spirit and feel inner association with everyone. Guided by our heart we walk the path of perfection towards the Bridge to Freedom, becoming aware of the Universal Trinity in us, God in us.

This is the Divine, i.e., Spiritual level where we are able to perceive and adopt the Divine will. Here is where the Divine Spirit of our microcosm dwells, ruling over the spiritual principle of Sweet God's Will.

The Lower Trinity

Our consciousness functions within a Trinity contained in another, Higher Trinity. The lower Trinity represents the limited functioning of the consciousness on the lowest four planes: physical, etherical, astral and mental. This is the realm where our personality is formed.

The personality domain is contained within the higher instance, that is, within the Immortal Trinity. The Immortal Trinity is manifested through the Divine Spirit, Life Spirit and the Spirit of Man. The Spirit of Man carries within the imprints and memories of the successful incarnations in the personality sphere. The Higher Self gradually develops its Divine attributes in a number of lives. This united consciousness is the characteristic of the Immortal Trinity. The Immortal Trinity is conscious of its Divine immortal nature, of the Oneness of life, and of the Oneness with all the other microcosms. It understands the Divine purpose of evolution, as much as it has memory of the consecutive lives in the successive personalities. Each Universal Trinity is unique, as it is an expression of one archetype, one primordial form, which although incomprehensible to our human intellect, becomes more and more visible during the evolution of the microcosm .

Our lower Trinity serves to the development of the Higher Trinity. The personality is here to be a tool for manifestation on the lower planes of existence. The personality exists a certain amount of time, and before it passes away, it hands over the essence of its accumulated experiences to the Immortal Trinity, to be used for its growth. What is needed is just shifting the focal point from the personality domain to the Immortal Universal Trinity, since our conscious being on the higher planes brings freedom, immortality and bliss. This transformation will make us independent of our personality (or lower Self), thus making us immune to changes, restlessness, deceit, and ultimately death. This gradual transferring the focus of our consciousness toward the center represented by the Divine consciousness is the proper way of realizing our Divine nature. The speed and ease in which an individual is resolving the obstacles on the spiritual way are directly connected to the level of consciousness and spiritual development.

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