The Seven Bodies of Man

In this article we will discuss the 7 bodies of our microcosm that we need to develop in order to accomplish our spiritual development and attain our spiritual awakening.

When life emerges from its Divine origin, it carries within, as if in a latent state, all the qualities and powers of Divine perfection. Life is capable of using matter and energy for its expression. In most cases we are capable to perceive only the external forms through which life manifests and gradually perfects itself. By using this visible form, life is developing all its possibilities. We know that in the past there have been many forms through which our life developed. They were emerging, and then, they were dying and disappearing, but our life has been constantly growing towards perfection. The Divine has no limitations in its development. God is everything.

Perfecting our spirituality through the seven bodies

We are unable to grasp the meaning of the word "perfection", but we can experience it, or learn to know it by heart when our inner development enables it. The life we see around us has originated from the Divine source, according to God's Will, and it will return to It when all its potential has been developed.

Walking this endless road of perfection, and looking around with our human eyes, we can define God as emptiness, quantum vacuum, etc., and all this will be correct. But when we reach the very Source, we will know that this emptiness is actually a fullness of Divine love of the Sweet Will of God. The Lord once said: "I am who I am".

Our Solar System is the stage of Divine manifestation. It is sevenfold by its construction. It can be manifested on the physical, etheric, astral, mental, Psychic, Transcendental and Divine planes. Our seven bodies can be divided into two groups: lower and higher bodies.

The first four belong to the lower planes:

The next three are our higher bodies:

On each of these planes, we possess no more then one body of consciousness. One Sun Ray representing our Divine Spirit manifests its nature by passing through these seven vehicles. The seven bodies appear as if strung on a light ray, or a light tube, and the Sun Ray is what keeps them centered and together.

No individual body should be able to separate itself or willingly exist by itself. All of them should function in a unity and as a whole, gradually becoming conscious and capable of serving the Divine Spirit on all of these levels of existence. This is how life penetrates deeper into matter unfolding its potential, only to start ascending and eventually return to the Logos at a future stage.

Of all the visible creations on our planet Earth, only people possess individual Soul, and along with it an open possibility of using their intellectual capacity in its fullness.

With the animals, their mental manifestation is limited, but their feelings are quite developed. They have a collective Soul grouped within each of the animal species.

The plant world can sense the changes in its environment to a certain extent, but it has poorly developed feelings.

The mineral kingdom is not capable of sensing its surroundings; it is limited to feeling only its inner connectivity and its own crystal structure.

We can make things accelerate somewhat, but we cannot skip over anything. Our personality will gradualy be transfigured and cleansed, and the process of spiritual alchemy will begin. Spiritual alchemy means transforming darkness into light and flaws into virtues.

To attain Divine attributes is the ultimate aim of all humanity and simultaneously the end of the game called spiritual development on planet Earth. By developing our seven bodies we will fulfill our mission to develop our consciousness from the physical to the Divine.


Samuel Parker says:


This is the best thing that i have ever come across on the internet. OMG, If i know how to reach this writer i will kneel down before this person and tell he/she that the blessing from the creator will never elude him/her. Oh i cry as i read all tese articles. I so much love this because i really want to become one with God. But sincerely speaking, it is difficult without the help of God himself. Please if you have books to send can you knidly send some of your books to me, i want to learn more from you, God bless you all that are behind this write up

Greg Delapaix says:

It is my understanding that animals have souls. People who have experience with OOBEs report meeting animals, and even meeting animals traveling outside their bodies as individuals. I have heard nothing of anyone coming across any kind of 'group' souls. Do you have more information on this? My impression is that this is simply a belief system that people carry around. How do I find out more about connecting with animals? Shamans have been doing it for thousands of years, they are probably the ones to ask...

sunnyray says:

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your interesting comment. You are right. People do report meeting animals in their astral travels and lucid dreams. However, some people also report on meeting the kind of spiritual entities that could be described as group spirits (or group souls) representing the whole animal species. Especially if people treat certain animal species with love and respect, they are likely to be able to establish a deep contact with their group spirit. In fact, animals do not possess an individualized ego. While an animal can have refined emotions, it cannot say "I" to itself. The "I" part is reserved to for their group spirit. However, some animals can develop their individuality to the point that they are more or less individualized and they may break the link to their group spirit. It is also true that some animal species are so developed that they will soon be in need of individual souls. And yes, you are right, if you need to connect more deeply with them during your OOBEs, Shamans would be the right people to ask.

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