The Body of Atma

The Atmic dimension is a pure spiritual world. The light in this world is the purest and brightest. It is so strong that it seems impossible to look at, and at the same time it is gentle, soft, and comfortable. This is the light of Divine wisdom and eternity.

The atmosphere here is electric and vital, and at the same time deeply spiritual. Here one could sense the presence of God as a tangible, steady, all-encompassing force that cannot be described with words. The communication here is telepathic or clairvoyant, only much more alive and vivid.

The reality is more real than the physical reality. Time doesn't exist here. Compared to the this dimension, the physical world is a pale, weary dream of half-dead entities.

The Divine or Spiritual dimension is a home of the Divine Spirit, the Father of our microcosm. Here we perceive and recognize the God's Will and the spiritual principle of Sweet God's Will is the main ruling principle. The Divine Spirit, God in us, loves, adores, and thanks God, the Creator of the Universe and asks for forgiveness.

As indicated above, the first and only true purpose of our four lower bodies is to serve as a medium for expression of our Immortal Divine Spark. The lower self lives its life on Earth before dissolving and disappearing, passing on the essence of its experiences to the Higher self. As a result, the Immortal Divine Spark advances on the path of evolution, from the deepest levels of the material world to the final exaltation.

the heights of the spirit

Atma means Spirit. It is our essential self, pure consciousness. It is a part of the Absolute Spirit, the God of the Universe, just like a sun ray is a part of the sun.

The Divine ray, in the moment of death, goes home, toward its parent star. Even though it is our deepest essence, only the spiritually most advanced people are able to be aware of its heavenly glory. The greater the spiritual strength of the incarnated person, the greater the influence of this Divine ray on its life. An average person of today is only occasionally reminded of it via the sporadic flashes of intuition that indicate that there is something greater than the intellect, and something infinitely more glorious than the best of human emotions.

The light that illuminates every person is the Light of Eternity. These rare moments of inner enlightenment are breaches of the light of the Divine Spark inside. And there are also those blessed individuals who experience a full miraculous mystical transformation of consciousness as a living Presence that transcends time and space.

One of the most difficult spiritual endeavors is to move the assemblage point from the lower self to the Immortal Divine Spark. This brings expansion of consciousness to the higher planes of existence, fantastic freedom, immortality, eternity, and bliss. This is what makes us independent of the passions of the egoistic lower self, prone to distress, change, illusion, and death.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.


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