The Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice

Meditation is a technique designed for attaining enlightenment - the ultimate spiritual experience that an individual can have while incarnated in a human body. However, as it has been proven countless times in practical applications, meditation is also an extremely useful practical tool that can help you cope with your day-to-day problems more easily.

Meditation has many benefits, even though the goals of any genuine meditation practice lie far beyond the sphere of the material world. Meditation should primarily be performed with spiritual purpose in mind, but, due to the interconnectedness of matter and spirit, our physical, emotional and mental states are considerably improved after each meditation session.

Regardless of the meditation technique you are involved in at the present time, it is important to have a well established daily routine. Half an hour of regular daily meditation is a must if you want to experience positive changes in your life. For lasting benefits, never let a single day pass without meditation.

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Here is a list of what meditation can contribute to your life and how it can improve it, even though the actual benefits might never cross your mind during meditation:


1. Meditation Improves the Immune System

With meditation you try to work on the higher faculties of your being, that is, to come closer to God, to make contact with your Higher self and to let the spiritual energies from the higher planes enter your microcosm.

Bringing order and harmony in your mind and psyche is naturally reflected on your immune system, improving the strength and resistance of your body. It is known that stress, worries, anxiety and conflicts adversely affect your general health, and particularly the immune system. With regular meditation you significantly reduce the stress levels and promote the natural tendency of your body to heal itself.

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2. Meditation Curbs Vascular and Heart Related Conditions

The results of a scientific study recently presented in NY times indicated that “the high-risk patients who meditated cut their risk of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from all causes roughly in half compared with a group of similar patients who were given more conventional education about healthy diet and lifestyle”. Meditation is also known to reduce high blood pressure and free radicals, which obviously has a beneficial effect on these specific health conditions.


3. Meditation Improves the Feeling of Self-esteem

With meditation you get in closer contact with your inner world. When you withdraw the senses from the outer world, the inner flow of thoughts and feelings becomes more apparent. You get to observe your internal dialogues and understand your own nature much better. This brings enormous relaxation and relief. If you can manage to quiet your mind even a little bit, the rays of your Higher self will be able to penetrate your consciousness, bringing you, among the other things, a feeling of self-worth and self-esteem. In essence, you need not do anything in order to deserve the feeling of self-respect. Self-respect is the true nature of your being.

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4. Meditation Improves Your Relationships

It is not hard to imagine that meditation has a long-term positive effect on improving your relationships. First, it makes you calm, relaxed, centered and, in general, after each of your mediation sessions, you are a happier and more fulfilled person. That attitude is naturally transmitted to the people around you, who can now witness the positive changes in you, and sense the positive energy that you spread around. They feel, if not consciously, then on a subconscious level something positive is happening in your. Furthermore, the nature of the thighs is such that you can never change another person - you can only change yourself. As you improve your inner state of being, your understand and improve the world around you. By changing yourself for the better, you also change the people you love.

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5. Meditation Improves Concentration

In the traditional 8-step Patanjali or raja yoga, meditation is a step that follows concentration. But, in essence, meditation is very similar to concentration, the difference being that concentration in this case means keeping your attention on your inner states of being. So it should come as no surprise that after meditation you can concentrate much better on whatever task you have to complete in the outer world.

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6. Meditation Improves Creativity

Meditation is a great tool for you to get in touch with your inner source of creativity. If only writers, artists, musicians, painters, and other artistically-inclined professions could understand the importance of meditation, they would be able to move past their creative blocks more easily. Meditation opens the way between our conscious self and the super-conscious mind, the latter being an endless source of creative ideas.

7. Meditation Improves Intuition

Similarly to creativity, meditation improves your intuition. If you think about it, both creativity and intuition originate from the same place - God in you. With meditation, you open up the pathway for the Divine energies to enter your body. With regular practice, this pathway gets stronger and larger and your intuitive abilities improve.

8. Meditation Improves Your Ability to Love

True meditation is indistinguishable from love. When meditation happens, love is its flavor. And the opposite is true. If you truly love someone, you are in a meditative state of mind. So, in a way, meditation is accompanied by love. Whenever during your meditation you manage to go deeper into your own true being, you awaken the energy of love, which you can give to the people that are close to you. Meditation also improves your ability to receive love, as you cannot possibly expect to receive something you haven’t first given away.

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9. Meditation Helps in Cases of Depression

Without going into too many details, depression can be thought of as a form of alienation from one's own true nature. In this sense meditation can be a truly energizing experience that brings freshness and clearer thinking and helps fight the mental staleness and inertia in your professional and personal life.

Daily mail recently reported that meditation can be as effective as medication in treating depression. Some patients also report that they were able to reduce the quantity of medication they took after practicing regular mindful meditation.

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10. Meditation Improves Your Sleep

If you practice meditation, you will have a much better sleep. This is simply because when you go to sleep you get in contact with the more spiritual spheres of existence. In meditation, you essentially do the same. Meditation can also be very effective in the treatment of insomnia. A recent research study presented at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies Conference, came to the same conclusion like many students of meditation. The results of this study show that meditation during daytime, as a deep relaxation technique, improves sleep at night.


The above list can be extended with many more physical, mental, emotional or spiritual benefits of meditation. For example, meditation can

  • improve memory,
  • help resolve addictions,
  • reduce tension,
  • eliminate pain,
  • improve vitality and
  • rejuvenate the entire body.

Meditation will make you feel connected to the entire world, to the other people and it will show you the way toward fulfilling the purpose of your life.

The most important benefits are the spiritual experiences you can get during your practical sessions. Their importance is so immense, that no physical, emotional or intellectual benefit can ever come close. Experienced practitioners of meditation are able to get into a state of blissful integrity and wholeness which by far transcends any human experience, and touches the core of their being. They also describe feelings of limitless freedom from all shackles of the material world, witnessing a degree of life and light previously unimaginable to them.

In case you have always thought that meditation is just an Eastern mambo-jumbo, maybe the presented benefits of meditation will make you reconsider you preconceptions and approach this utterly useful technique with new and fresh outlook.

If you, on the other hand, are an experienced meditator, please share with us the benefits of meditation you personally have received from practicing this technique:


aruna says:

yes , I am a regular practitioner of meditation. my experience has been immense, I have seen a drastic change in my perspective towards everything which come my way. I see things from a different perspective, which has brought peace in my life. I have reduced my anger, my intuition has improved and I have experienced my past lives and different celestial planes.....

sunnyray says:

Hi aruna. Thanks for the comment and for sharing some of your views with regard to meditation benefits.

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