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The Highest Level of Enlightenment by David Hawkins

By dusty

Are you getting the best out of your life? It is a well known saying that all people are born equal, and to a large extent this is true. But if this is the case, why then are some people more successful, or more content than others? The difference is in how we behave, what our outlook on life is, and how we train ourselves in our everyday lives.

By achieving an enlightened state of consciousness you will automatically take your life to another level. You will become totally self-confident, you will know a solid purpose to your life, and you will experience a new peace of mind. But the most amazing thing about bringing about this heightened sense of enlightenment is that you can do it yourself.

Recent research has revealed that your mental state can actually have a very real effect on your physical self. The study shows that depending on your mental perspective, you can both strengthen or weaken your body. It really does bring to life the saying that "it's all in the mind". Now there is evidence to suggest that it really is!

the inner light is like candle flameHuman consciousness is quite a complicated affair, but it can, and has been, mapped out. Not only does this map explain how your consciousness works, but it can also be used to navigate your way to this higher state of enlightenment. The new research that has been carried out is based on something called kinesiology. If you haven't come across kinesiology before, it's all about the testing, and the use of the various muscles in your body to bring about a new healthier body balance and life style. Kinesiology is a way of using your own bio-energy, a well known concept in the ancient natural medical world - often referred to as your "Chi" by the Chinese.

Health kinesiology is becoming more and more common place as a therapy for people who are seeking to improve their general well being. But one of the most exciting things about kinesiology is that as well as addressing your physical issue, it is also capable of enabling you to reach a higher state of spiritual enlightenment, which is the path to overall self fulfillment and satisfaction.

In the modern world that we all live in today, with all its hustle, bustle and the constant pressure, being able to achieve this heightened state of enlightenment is not only a welcome relief, but for many is a necessary goal in order to be able to survive and enjoy life to the full. The mapping of the human psyche, made possible through the science of kinesiology, gives you the vehicle to carry you on your journey towards enlightenment.

Once you reach your enlightenment goal you will be amazed at not only how well you feel in yourself, but how different your perception is of everything and everyone around you. Even the perception of your own self will take on new meaning. You will discover that you can heal yourself of many illnesses, addictions and bad habits, and you will find that you can instinctively detect truth from fiction, and always be able to chose the right path. You will radiate health and vitality, and just being in your company will be enough to impact on the awareness and lives of those around you.

Find out how to heighten your enlightenment and change your life right now!

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