Enlightenment Experience Story

When summer comes, I never miss its calm and warm nights to admire, over and over, the vibrant sky filled with stars, planets, and satellites that orbit our planet like tiny rhythmic sparks.

With eyes wide open, I enjoy looking at the gleam and flickering of the nearby stars. Other more distant stars complement the diversity and fascinating beauty of the night sky. And I cannot but admire how kindred stars, just like people, build constellations — a majestic and warm symbol of their love.

These nights are always accompanied by the rich flavor of the surrounding pine trees and oleanders that strongly excite my senses of smell to the point of sweet delight. How unspeakably great an artist God is. How unspeakably great His Love is. I always find myself fascinated by that fact.

The event described below happened one night when the sound of little waves crowned with foam like lice washed on the sandy coast. Thrilled and amazed at the sight, I was constantly sending my gratitude, love, praise, and adoration to God, the Creator of Heaven on Earth.

meditation on the shore

At that point, my alert senses and awakened feelings made me fully aware of the present moment, of God, of my own being, and of the entire human kind. All of a sudden, the third dimension disappeared. My thoughts were nowhere to be found. I just surrendered myself to the force that started guiding me inside, toward the depths of my own being. My mind started opening itself, and I experienced the tender but strong, all-encompassing and dazzling Divine love. Filled with tenderness and elation, I became Divine love myself.

God has an incredibly large capacity of Love. That love is inexplicable — it cannot be compared with any form of human egocentric love.

I have no idea why I deserved this experience, please don’t envy me. The Lord was merciful and reveled His energy of Love to me. At that moment of inner tenderness, He gave me strength and a multitude of inner senses to be able to identify with Him. For just a couple of seconds, I was able to have a deeper and more real experience of unity with God.

How to describe the indescribable, when everything about God is indescribable? Whatever I may say can never be the exact description of my experience, and believe me, I’m burning with desire to present it to you.

In addition to the bliss and incredible clarity of the moment, I was overwhelmed with an even stronger energy. It took over my entire being, taking me apart and making me, paradoxically, more relaxed. I have literally become everything. Everything was contained in me. At that brief moment, everything that existed in the Universe was contained in me, and it was alive. I was the earth, the forest, the sea, the stars, and the galaxies — everything at the same time.

My consciousness was expanded to the point of unparalleled crystal clarity. Inside my chest, all living beings were like interwoven vibrant stars. At the same time, I was also the little gentle wave striking the shore. I experienced a complete unity with everything there was. I was truly everything.

Then, my experience took a strange turn. Suddenly, I became “Nothing”. I have no suitable words to describe the significance, strength, beauty, freedom, and sweetness of that “Nothing”. While disintegrated and expanded to infinity, I was deeply aware of God. My consciousness was one of coherent crystal clarity and depth. Unbound by time or space, my consciousness was in fact the consciousness of God in the eternity. There was nothing else but God. The consciousness I was experiencing was the essence of His essence.

After just a brief moment or two, that magnificent feeling of unity wore off. I was myself again. I was sealed in the timeless and infinite eternal “I”. I was also able to identify with the overpowering and fascinating energy that had already flooded my body several times.

This experience was followed by one less intense but equally indescribable and fulfilling sensation of bliss. In my own being I discovered the Source of joy, deep peace, and real treasure that infinitely exceeded anything the outer world, with its best gifts, had to offer.

My soul was free. I experienced my essence, my Divine Being as my true Self in God. The Father told me, “I am you.”

At that point, my attention was attracted by a persistent rustling. I had to look. All of a sudden, the sky above me was full of Angels. I could clearly hear the flutter of their wings. One of the Angels turned to me and said, “We won’t bother you, we are just observing.” The others just descended to the beach a little bit away from me. Gentle and tender, the Angels were glowing in the sun.

As soon as I started thinking, the forcefulness of my experience started to step down, with numerous insights flowing into my mind, one by one. Eventually, my Divine experience came to its end, leaving me to the harshness of the third dimension entirely.

I remained seated by the sea, peaceful and unusually relaxed, with my precious memories of what had happened. To date, these are the greatest and dearest memories bestowed to me by God. I cherish them deep down in my heart.

I wrote them down as authentically as I could, although I didn’t even have to. They are alive in me to this day, only their intensity has reduced. Soothed in the Divine energy of love, superconscious, and amazed, I enjoyed that Heavenly experience for quite some time.

This intense feeling was there with me the next couple of days, maybe even a couple of weeks. I can’t define it entirely, because it was composed of countless impressions, vivid images, and additional insights. Ever since, I literally see, recognize, and love the Divine Presence, God in everyone and everything around me.

It was pretty late in the afternoon and I started preparing to leave, when a stray dog came to me. Instead of food, which I didn’t have, I offered it my energy of love. The dog left happy and carefree. I was pleased because I managed to encourage it.

Every enlightenment has various levels, endless depths, and extraordinary beauty. From a lower infinite level, we climb up to a higher infinite level. And that’s it. There is always another point of view, another higher state of consciousness in the intoxicating, timeless fragrance of the Divine eternity.

Life moves on. God is Life, and we are Life, and our lives are contained in His Life. We are like tiny Divine sparks, God’s living thoughts. There is an entire miniature universe in every human being.

The Will of God is the supreme law of the Universe. But how exactly is this law enforced? How does God rule?

God rules our world with the help of Divine Beings of different qualities. These Beings are members of what is called God’s Hierarchy. The entire God’s Hierarchy is contained in God, as is everything in the Universe. All there is, all that exists, is God alone...

From the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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