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A Guide to Angel Cards and the Meaning of Angel Card Reading

By Veselina

Angel cards are oracle cards that contain angelic images that have special meanings that can be interpreted in unique ways. Inspired by the heavenly angels themselves, a deck of angel cards may consist of 36 or more unique cards.

Angel cards are a lot different and way less scary than tarot cards in that reading and interpreting them doesn’t require any special training. A pack will typically have a booklet or leaflet of information explaining each card in detail or describing the different ways of using them. What’s more, you can use the help of an angel card reader for an accurate interpretation of the phrases on your cards. You can skim reader profiles online for a reader that suits your needs and budget.

The words and images on cards are not identical across different decks either. Your cards may have inspirations, affirmations, or straightforward guidance phrases, depending on what you selected during purchase. What you can however be sure about is that the messages on your cards will be expressed in a positive and uplifting manner. They do not contain scaring or damning messages or information that may be inappropriate for people of certain ages, such as children, or certain religious backgrounds.

Choosing a pack

Angel cards can be found in brick and motor bookshops and crystal stores and in online shops. A much wider variety of angel cards can however be accessed in body, mind, and spirit festivals.

There are a lot of ways through which you can pick cards from the shop and that includes looking at the pictures or words and deciding what is poignant enough for you. The card should speak directly to you. You may not get to touch the cards physically, especially when you buy from an online store, but that should be made up for by a selection of images that provide insight into how card readings work. The cover image itself should be enough to explain to you what the rest of the cards in the deck are about.

What We Mean Exactly By Angel Card Reading

Angel card readings offer guidance on successfully inviting into your life heavenly angels that are charged with the responsibility of offering protection, love, and care to humans. Angel card readings can offer assistance in several aspects of life, though they are mostly seen as a tool of spiritual awakening. Regardless of the challenge you are facing, readings offer positive affirmations and motivational advice to help you keep going.

The process works in a straightforward manner: the recipient or seeker asks a question and immediately draws an angel card from the deck. Questions do not necessarily have to be centered on a specific aspect of life. The drawing of cards is controlled by angels who use synchronicity and the law of attraction to help you draw the right cards to match the question they just asked.

If you feel helpless and empty without answers to the troubles you are facing in life or are in need of healing for a problem you are living with, you could only be an angel card reading away from a permanent solution.

What are the meanings of angel cards?

Each angel card in your deck has a special spiritual meaning that can be applied in the real life. They are a physical channel that connects you with heavenly beings to seek direct guidance and answers to questions that do not have straightforward answers.

Note that some cards may seem a little difficult to understand immediately, but, as stated above, their meanings are expounded in the guidebook or manual that they are sold together with. Once you find the right deck to take home, keep in mind that the meanings on the cards may differ depending on who’s using them. This means your partner or child can still use them to seek answers to questions in their lives. All you need to do is ensure you pick a deck you feel naturally drawn to, and that you follow your instincts in every aspect of the card reading process.

Can angel cards help you find love?

How do people find the love of their lives? How do you meet your soul mate amongst a population of seven million people? The simple answer to that is that we have angels up above who are looking after us and ensuring we make the right decisions in different aspects of life, romance included.

Seeking guidance through angel card reading before choosing a love partner is the best way to ensure success in your next romantic adventure. Romance angels offer intuitive guidance to help you get braced up for love.

You ought to express the qualities you believe your perfect partner should possess. This may come at a price as romance angels may ask you to make changes to your lifestyle, drop some hobbies, avoid some friends and make new ones, and focus on improving your life. What your card tells you may appear wild at the time of reading it, but your ability to remain focused on you guardian angel’s advice could prove to be the only thing sitting between you and a lasting romantic relationship.

So, yes, your guardian angel knows who your soul-mate is and they are ready to help you meet them, but can you follow what your angel card says? If you seek love, your angel will guide on the perfect steps to take and the changes to make in your life to make the right choice. There could be someone already in your life that you have never looked at in a romantic sense, but they are “the one”. Your angel brought them to you a long time ago but you didn’t have the ability to identify them because you were too busy trying to find love elsewhere.

Finding your spiritual path using angel cards

Nothing beats finding your spiritual path in life. This is the spiritual meaning of why you were put on earth and the role you were meant to play.

You see, before you were born, your angels planned how you should live on earth to be of maximum assistance to others both physically and spiritually. This role also promises a soul growth for yourself and guarantees that you will have the complete support of the angels as you fulfill it.

The good thing is that your purpose in life and spiritual path involve subjects and activities that you already have in mind and would be willing to do for free because doing them gives you joy. If you haven’t identified what you are truly passionate about, a loved one or family member can help you find it. The pursuits you are totally passionate about are the bases for your spiritual awakening .

Angel cards help you know the specific things you need to do while pursuing your passions to be in the favor of the angels. They implicitly give you insight into your spiritual path and what is required of you.

As you draw a card, know that your angel already knows you were going to pull it and that it is him speaking directly to you.

Most angel cards bare simplified messages that will not require further interpretation to comprehend. However, if you fail to understand an image or message that is printed on the angel card you picked relative to the answers you are seeking, you can consult a card reading expert. The most important advice however remains following your intuition as you draw cards and to indiscriminately adhere to what is in the phrases.

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