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A Guide to Angel Cards and the Meaning of Angel Card Reading By Veselina


Angel cards are oracle cards that contain angelic images that have special meanings that can be interpreted in unique ways. Inspired by the heavenly angels themselves, a deck of angel cards may consist of 36 or more unique cards. Angel cards are a lot different and way less scary than tarot cards in that reading and interpreting them doesn’t require any special training... Read more

Healing Meditation with Angels By manifesto

guardian angel

Angels are highly developed spiritual beings whose life mission is to guide us and help us in our everyday lives. These ethereal beings are invisible, as they possess no material body. While we cannot see them with our physical eyes, we can all sense their presence and feel their beneficial energy, love, and light. This is a skill that can be learned or developed, for example, through prayer or meditation. We can learn how to connect with the Angels, and receive their healing energy and spiritual blessings on a daily basis. They are here to heal us and protect us, that's their primary goal... Read more

Seraphim — the Highest Order of Angels By sunny

Seraph in stained glass

The top spot of the heavenly hierarchy is reserved for the Seraphim. These Beings are also called "God-loving", "Burning Angels" and "Fire-like", because they burn with everlasting love for the Almighty. The origin of the word Seraphim comes from the Hebrew word seraph, meaning "to burn" or "fiery". In that sense, a Seraph could mean "The One who burns", or "The One who Shines"... Read more

Cherubim — the Second Choir of Angels By sunny


The second group of Angels in the First Triad are the Cherubim (plural form of Cherub). They embody the wisdom of God. These Angels could be described as "Those who are filled with knowledge", or "Streams of Wisdom". The very name is either of akkadian or assyrian origin, with the meaning "Those who pray, or Those who mediate". Through the energy of the Cherubim, all the other Angelic hierarchies receive knowledge and wisdom... Read more