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It is not so easy to explain the rebirthing techique to somebody who has never tried to actually practice this powerfull spiritual exercise. To know everything about rebirthing is also probably difficult unless one has felt the magic of rebirthing personally. Nevertheless the definition of rebirthing could be the following: rebirthing is a conscious connected breathing. Is an extraordinarily simple and effective technique based on the most fundamental life function – breathing. It is very well known that a great many number of self-growth systems are based on breathing and breath control simply because it improves the mind concentration. Not only is this true in the case of rebirthing, but also the conscious circular breathing is a particular system of healing – physical and mental. People are often unaware of the elemental power hidden in the breath, i.e., in the inhaling and exhaling. In the continual uniform breathing lies the solution to many problems that affect today’s people.

Not only have the ancient eastern civilizations understood the importance of proper breathing as the energetic basis of the human microcosm – they have also developed complex systems of practical importance for spiritual self-improvement that are focused on and around the breath.

The breath is a marvelous instrument. It actually brings the human spirit into incarnation. Without breath there is no independent life. As a matter of fact, incarnation – embodiment – as an independent three-dimensional consciousness begins with the first inhaling.

If we examine the Latin origin of the expression for breath or breathing, we can see that it combines the words “in spiritus”, which means God in us, Spirit in us. That brings us to the word “inspiration”, literally meaning “filled with Spirit”. In a certain sense, each individual inhaling brings spiritual substance into human body. The first breathing in is extremely important, as it establishes the link between the consciousness and the matter. With the last exhaling, this link is disconnected. Everything between those two instances is indeed our earthly life.

Rebirthing as a technique owes its origins to the eastern breathing system, the so called pranayama , and also to a very specific yoga technique – Kriya Yoga. These two spiritual practices value the rhythmical breathing very highly. They teach that controlling the breath means self-control, while mastering the breath equals to mastering oneself.

According to the oriental tradition, the Universe is woven out of prana, or cosmic energy. In another words, prana is a synonyme for energy, while yama represents the controlling of that energy. The most apparent expression of this pranic energy in our human body is the constant and automated process of breathing. The prana, however, is present all around us. We absorb it through our skin, from our food, water, or in form of light energy from the Sun. By practicing pranayama we can get to know the flows of our own energy, and thus, we will be able to consciously direct this energy into certain part of our body. Pranayama is a step toward developing the inner qualities of our being. In essence, each type of pranayama has three parts: inhaling, exhaling, and holding the breath. From pranayama to pranayama these three parts can be different. Yet, the rebirthing is different from all forms of pranayama in its attunement and adjustment to the western man and to the modern pace of life. Today, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to isolate oneself from the environment and practice ancient techniques for years.

As a matter of fact, the rebirthing is a novel type of pranayama for the contemporary man. The way of breathing in the rebirthing is different from the one in a standard pranayama, as much in its intensity as it is in its rhythm and pace. If it is possible to accumulate great quantities of prana – subtle vital energy of our etheric bodies – by performing pranayama, this is even more the case in the process of rebirthing. The rebirthing does not include the phase of holding the breath, which is regular in every pranayama. On the other hand, rebirthing is not a hyperventilation, as it is sometimes wrongly assumed, and a feeling of fear might appear only as a consequence of irregular breathing during this technique. The breath, energy and feelings are connected. When the energy during the breathing starts unblocking itself, the feelings that have been repressed also follow and surface in the consciousness. This is the beginning of the process of physical and spiritual purification.