Rebirthing - Instructor's role


Often the question is being asked as to why the presence of a qualified instructor is necessary in the course of a typical rebirthing session. The presence of a qualified rebirther increases the efficacy of the rebirthing and also the safeness of the rebirthing experience. Some events, due to the complexity of the human mind and the long time that had passed from the birth until the actual rebirthing has taken place, cannot be faced without the presence of a competent and experienced instructor.

The rebirthing means experiencing anew the first days of life, and for an infant, it is normal to have somebody to take care of it. There is no point performing the rebirthing alone until this stage has been completed. The experience has shown that participants in the rebirthing can be fully enabled for individual rebirthing only after 10-20 sessions. Why is this so? Simply because it is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to recall the oldest traces that exist in our soul since they are charged quite negatively and contacting them can cause a sensation of fear or pain, which, in turn, stops the breathing exercise.

Regardless of what the emotion is, excluding the pleasant ones of course, the breathing gets interrupted. Imagine the situation when, for instance, the emotion of anger collected during the years starts to surface. Your first reaction might be fear, and you might want to stop exercising. However, if there is an experienced instructor nearby, who has gone through numerous rebirthing sessions in the past, he would know how to encourage you and give you the support you might need in order to continue breathing consciously and uninterruptedly. When the old scars reappear in your consciousness provoking the desire to stop breathing, the instructor is going to help you bridge over the crisis and release the energy which is hidden behind those emotions.

The instructor will follow whether you perform the rebirthing technique correctly, and if this is not the case, he or she might correct your breathing. The sensations of blissfulness, gentleness and sweetness can be so intense that you might think that you have achieved enough and you might want to close the session. Again, the rebirther is there to remind you to go on with the technique. Often with beginners, and especially with the absolute beginners in the field of spirituality, in the first couple of sessions a sensation of tingling in the limbs, cramps in the hands, or a feeling of tight rounded mouth might appear. This can be very unpleasant and the person performing the rebirthing might want to get rid of these problems either by stretching, massage, or terminating the exercise. The instructor is there to encourage the participants and point out that instead of trying to release these barriers by superficial means, they should even deeper look into themselves and try to consciously explore what kind of emotions lie behind those obstacles.

The rebirthing is an individual process to the extreme. What will come up with a certain person at a certain time depends on many different factors, but the participants have to believe in the wisdom of their True Self, in the wisdom of their body, and in the rightness of the experiences that they are currently going through. And what is happening is exactly that which is needed and useful for them right at that particular moment.