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How Faith Can Boost Self-Esteem By Ryan

faith can boost esteem

Have you looked at people around you and marveled at their positive self-esteem? Sometimes it seems that people around you are more confident than you are, and sometimes it makes you feel that there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes, it can make you even feel inferior. The truth is that almost no one has positive self-esteem... Read more

Reincarnation Belief of the North American Indians By csh

wooden statue

Many ancient cultures believed in reincarnation. If you are wondering what exactly reincarnation is, it can be defined as a rebirth of the soul after a certain period of time has passed after death. For example, in the Tibetan Buddhism, reincarnation occurs after 3, 21, 49, 100, or 2,500 days after death, depending on the degree of development of the soul. In some other belief systems... Read more

11 Amazing Emotional and Psychological Effects of Prayer By Ted

hopeful sky

In prayer we connect ourselves to God and seek for a deeper and more meaningful purpose of our life. Prayer is always related with self-reflection and introspection, because in order to find God, we first need to discover who we are and what our true nature is. That's the internal aspect of prayer. And, because our true nature in its essence is Divine, prayer, if done right, also means connecting with the entire God's creation. That's the external aspect of prayer... Read more

6 Ways Religion Can Make You Happy By Ryan Rivera

At one point in our lives we may run into a brick wall called depression. Some people use exercise and yoga while others try to keep their mind off on things that make them unhappy. However, there are people who turn to religion as a means to get over depression. Is religion a great way towards happiness? Here are some of the ways why religion is your best bet towards happiness... Read more

5 Things You Never Knew About Christianity By Rachel Rogers

Christianity is a faith based on the acceptance of Jesus of Nazareth being the Christ, which means Anointed One. The word Christ in Greek means the same thing as the Hebrew word for Messiah. To the Jews of his time, they were looking for the coming of the Messiah who would deliver them and save the entire world. Many followers as well as those who do not follow Christ have opinions and beliefs about Christianity. Here are five things not commonly known about this faith... Read more

What Does Religion Have to Say about Female Ordination By Brendan Kenny

In late November, the General Synod of the Church of England voted on whether or not women could be ordained as bishops. Although women have been ordained as ministers in the Church of England since 1994, the movement towards female bishops has been met with more resistance. In regard to the November vote, the General Synod denied female bishops once again. In order for the measure to pass, two-thirds of the General Synod must vote yes, so although the vote was strongly in favor of female bishops, 324-122, it wasn't enough. Luckily, the growing support does show that female bishops in the Church of England should be a reality someday... Read more

Finding Your Church By Ella Nichols

Perhaps, you have recently moved to a new city, or you are simply looking to try a different church for whatever reason. If you are set on following a specific religion, you might believe that simply switching to the other church is a good option. However, there are actually several things you should consider before just up and leaving your current church, and we have listed six of the best questions to ask a church before officially joining. Read more

Top 7 Christian Best Sellers Of All Time By Danny Grogan

When you want to find a great book to read, nothing can be more inspiring and invigorating than reading a Christian book. Christian books can help you gain a new perspective on a faith challenge in your life. They can help you obtain a clearer vision of your Christian faith and how it applies to your daily life. You can learn to appreciate the daily struggles that you deal with in your Christian faith life. Here are some of the top Christian best-sellers of all time. You may find that these books have a profound impact on the way that you choose to live your life after giving them a read... Read more

5 Best Christian Movies of All Time By Tori Blake

Sometimes, you just want to watch a film that inspires and uplifts you. Christian films can help you feel a renewed sense of commitment to your own religious beliefs. Christian films help make stories from the Bible come alive. You can also relate to characters, such as St. Thomas Acquinas, on a more human level when you understand the struggles that they faced in staying strong in their religious convictions... Read more

5 Christian Saints Who Changed the World By Gary Logan

St. Patrick is widely regarded as the patron saint of Ireland, as well as being the most commonly known saint in the world. He was born in Britain around the year 385. He was a Christian missionary who was taken to Ireland to be sold into slavery at age 16. He escaped and returned home... Read more

5 Tips For A Deeper Prayer Life By Christine Tucker-Reynolds

Many people want to improve their prayer life. They want to learn how to pray better and deeper. A consistent prayer life along with some practical tips can help these people lead that deeper prayer life that they desire... Read more

5 Great Places All Christians Should Try To Visit By Tim Roberts

Christianity has a deep history that is woven into the very fabric of culture. The Christian who desires to travel to one of the many spots across the globe that offer early Biblical history has many options. There are five places that every Christian should try to visit in their lifetime.... Read more

Visit Sikhism's Golden Temple By balesworldwide

Sikhism, one of the numerous religions Mother India has given birth to, shares a special bond with the UK because elite Sikh soldiers fought bravely for Britain in both World Wars. The Golden Temple at Amritsar, Punjab is the Sikhs’ most sacred pilgrimage site and is designated a World Heritage Site... Read more

Who Lives Longer: Christians or Atheists? By Tom Medalla

One question that tends to pop up every once in a while during debates between Christians and Atheists is "who lives longer: Christians or Atheists?" While there's no guarantee that finding Jesus will automatically lengthen your lifespan, there are several studies that have proposed that religious people, such as Christians, tend to live longer than atheists and those who are not actively involved in religion... Read more

Listening to Sermons Through Podcasts By Laurah Hagen

One hundred years ago, physical church buildings were a central gathering place of the community. The epicenter of weddings, fundraisers, and weekly sermons, these buildings helped to create a shared community and build relationships. Read more