The Seven Steps of Spirituality

You can walk into the Golden Temple of your heart only via the seven golden steps. The first step represents Order. The second, Will, the third Wisdom, the fourth Seriousness, the fifth Patience, the sixth Love, and the seventh Compassion.

Each of these steps is essential for your spiritual advancement. Ask yourself where you stand with respect to each of them. What is your current level of spiritual development? Later on, you will be able to let the Divine spirit guide you through these seven steps, easily and swiftly.

1. The Step of Order

Is your life in a perfect order? If not, endeavor to make order and better organize it, step by step, day by day. When I say order, I don't mean just physical order. I mean regulating your spiritual life more than anything else. You should make order in terms of reassessing your thoughts, feelings, opinions, emotional triggers, and deeds.

Order means surrendering your human habits to God and allowing Him to guide you. Do you speak negatively of other people? Everything that other people do is of no concern to you. It is between them and God.

If you cultivate negative thoughts, feelings, and words, you do nothing but harm yourself. Think about it, does every single person you encounter find your presence pleasing? Certainly not. You simply shouldn't be bothered by the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of others.

If we could analyze our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions, and if we could do that in a totally honest way, we would be ashamed of our own personality.

Practice the skill of non-judgment. Your lips should speak only positive things.

Do you recognize your desires and primitive urges?

If we could ennoble our sense, we would elevate your energy vibration and make it more compatible with the Divine vibration.

If you can always think and feel in a positive way, you have already brought order into your life.

However, if you think out of self-interest and have selfish desires, the Spirit of God has already withdrawn from your heart, and what you are left with is your own free will.

2. The Step of Will

God has given us free will, a chance for unimaginable growth. This is a precious gift out of His limitless love for us. In the eyes of God, we are all equal. We are all His children.

God's unconditional love has the quality of Divine tenderness and patience, and because of that, He won't do anything to force our personal will that we have been gifted with.

Many lives will come to pass, and sooner or later we will understand that our free will actually means accepting, consciously and with all our heart, the Sweet Will of God as the best possible solution for us.

The Divine Will liberates everyone. Every morning, ask God for guidance.

Pay attention to the way you speak. The way you speak should be calm, steady, and harmonious. Make room for spiritual practice. In order to do so, reduce or eliminate all things that are not important, and you will have more time for spiritual work.

The Spirit of God doesn't support our will or our inclinations to do as we please. The results of our human desires “to be” or “to have” are spiritual and physical suffering and depression.

So raise yourself above all worldly affairs. Eliminate anger, fear, unkindness, arrogance, hubris, hastiness, and doubt. These attributes “offer” themselves to serve you. The evil always offers its service, whereas the Divine waits to be chosen on a voluntary basis and consciously.

Work in peace and with love. You don't have to do anything, and you can do everything. When you think you are doing something for other people, be aware that, in reality, you are doing it for yourself. If you can look deep inside, you will realize how true this is. God your Lord is all-powerful, have trust in Him.

3. The Step of Wisdom

If you have surrendered your feelings, thinking, speech, actions, as well as your own free will to God, you will be enthralled by the Wisdom of God. The Wisdom of God is seen in His deeds. This is a formative power. When you turn your focus inside, God increases your power. Don't forget that your physical body is but a glove on the hand of God.

To have wisdom means to be kind and attentive. To have wisdom means never giving too much importance to yourself. Don't let pride ruin all your hard work and diminish your current level of spirituality. It is only because people haven't learned how to deal with their self-importance that they go two steps backward after they have made one step forward.

4. The Step of Seriousness

Divine seriousness is what enables us to understand our impure deeds and habits. If you have attained peace and inner calm, you can now clearly see the true condition of your soul and the seriousness of life.

Divine seriousness constantly pours over the fourth step of spirituality. It lets you clearly see your remaining errors and weaknesses. Be utterly responsible and work on all your flaws that you are able to correct.

As you have achieved an admirable level of spiritual maturity, you are a merciful person. You now intuitively sense the spiritual joys that are within your grasp. Your “lower self” that would very much like to pull you down steadily loses its significance. Rather than the thoughts and aspirations of the “lower self”, you now live in a state of inner peace, selflessness, understanding, tolerance, compassion, love, and deeper awareness of the nature of all things. From the “inner healer” you get spiritual strength to heal yourself and others.

5. The Step of Patience

You have already learned how to practice patience. On this step, you now radiate the energy of patience and peace to your environment. You stand above the conventions of the world. You have much greater control over your body. You are constantly overwhelmed with joy.

In your persistent searching for God, you have developed great sensitivity. If someone comes to you for advice you can offer it, but while doing that, keep in mind their level of consciousness. Or rather, help them not with words, but by doing something concrete. You are brave; you have increased your will and acquired higher degree of faith.

6. The Step of Love

You are awoken in the selfless love of God. You are a carrier of good. You yourself express Divine love. Your faith in God is absolute. Your enlightenment is getting deeper and deeper.

Everything goes in your favor. The only thing you should be cautious of is greed and egoism, even in their smallest form. You should always be on guard, as people have different types of urges that may go against you.

Be the humblest person among your subordinates. Respect and appreciate all people, because God works through you on all His children.

7. The Step of Compassion

God's hand is guiding you. Stay in the light of His magnificence. Love the Divine truth, justice, and kindness. Never hurt or insult any other life form.

You are in perfect health. Your inner joy, peace, love, and harmony have increased immensely.

God sends you ever more profound enlightenments and insights. The Spirit of God, the Father of your microcosm, addresses you with the words "I Am You".

You have achieved unity with God in you. You and the Father of your microcosm have become one. Great wealth and material abundance may come to you. Be careful not to consider them your own possession.

Whatever you receive from God, hand it out to your fellow man and remain a role model for everyone, because God has appointed you to be light in the darkness of the world.

The more you visit your Golden Temple and the longer you stay on the seventh step of spirituality, the more you can contemplate Divine love. It's all up to you, because the nature of the Sweet Will of God is to provide you only with the best things possible.

You have my loving support, because you are in my heart. On one occasion, I have experienced this magnificent truth. The magical dazzling light of every human soul was part of my heart. I was amazed by the immeasurable beauty and power of the Divine sparks from every corner of our planet. My love toward all of God's creation was immense. My heart was overwhelmed by the intense, pure, unconditional Divine love that we all share.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.


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