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4 Reliable Ways Handwriting Can Boost Your Personal Productivity By Kristin Savage

We live in a world with plenty of technology where people seem to have laptops and mobile devices glued on their hands. Thus, it becomes hard to imagine that anyone could still practice handwriting and be very good at it. Most people consider it a unique skill for today’s society, but most of them think that this is an out-of-date ability for the current century. However, not everyone knows that handwriting can boost your personal productivity in many ways. Keep reading this article and discover how you can simplify your existence with handwriting and enjoy its benefits to the maximum... Read more

The Solution to Accessing Absent Imagination By Ellie Coverdale

As a creative person you rely strongly upon your imagination. In fact, without it you’d be pretty lost, right? So, as writers, what do we do when our imagination does, on occasion, desert us? We’ve all been there: it’s often described as writers’ block. The good news is that you need not fret - not only will your imagination come back to you, but in the meantime there are many things you can do to stimulate what would appear to be missing imagination. Here are just a few such examples... Read more

Dealing with Post-Novel Depression By LoveReading

Writing a novel is giving your story and characters life; the way an author makes his book and its characters realistic is by putting his very soul into it. Once the novel is finished, this world that sprung from imagination exists forever on the page, but it's frozen at a certain point in time. This can cause distress for the author, at a time which he is already dealing with a lot of stress... Read more

The Story Of Christmas Traditions By EPoSSoftware

The story of Christmas has been one told thousands of times and in thousands of ways. From the spoken word to magnificent paintings, the Christmas Story has been represented in any number of manners. The Crib is a depiction of the birth of Christ from the gospels of Luke and Matthew. Its origins come from Naples, where St Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first nativity scene... Read more

How to Improve Our Creativity? - A Spiritual Perspective By Marcos

We are born as creative beings. Indeed, we are all creative. Creativity is a great force that has been given to us as a gift to be used in a positive and constructive way. The very fact that we are alive means that we are creative. We don't have to prove this statement, as life energy in its essence is creative energy... Read more

When Do We ‘Say’ and When Do We ‘Tell’? By Mark Doyle


Do we ‘say the truth’ or do we ‘tell’ the truth’?

Do we ‘say’ the hour’ or do we ‘tell’ the hour?

According to the dictionary, both terms have many definitions and idiomatic uses; however, the most frequent meaning for both is “to express in words.”

... Read more

You Too Can Write a Book In Only 15 Minutes Per Day By Sara Woods

open book

Few people have either never admired the success of a best-selling author or secretly-or not so secretly-dreamed of writing his own book. Unfortunately, very few dreamers or admirers actually try, and if they try, they give up, feeling it's too hard. Usually the two primary reasons are self-induced: 'I don't have time' or 'I can't write... Read more

6 Interesting Things You Can Do to Boost Your Creativity By darenet

We are all faced with problems every single day that can range from projects at work, to buying a gift for a spouse or friend, to deciding what step to take next in our life’s path. All of these problems can at time weigh us down and trying to find solutions to life’s little mysteries is physically and psychologically exhausting. Finding a creative solution to a problem can consequently seem almost impossible... Read more

Best Tips for Christmas Shopping By Stephen Pachikare

Christmas is only a few days away and it will be a better idea to start planning your holiday shopping right away and buy the gifts in advance. Some of you might have already bought the gifts for Christmas during Black Friday sale. For others who did not get a chance to take advantage of the Black Friday sale, try not to wait till the last minute. Read more

Getting Festive Early By Isaac Bullen

As we approach Christmas many of us will be look at ways in which we can spend our festive vacation. The Christmas period provides plenty of opportunity for us to relax and use the time productively. Actually getting into the 'Christmas Spirit' may take more time. Read more

Different Christmases Around the World By Anni

Different countries, particularly those of the southern hemisphere where it is summer during Christmas time, honour traditions different to those of their northern neighbours. These are some of the traditions celebrated in different countries Read more

The Evolution Of The Birthday Card By jonathanbentz

The evolution of Birthday Cards Lets date back to the 15th century some 6,000 years ago back when Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. Greeting cards had just started becoming popular between the Europeans and Germans. Europe had developed these hand made paper greeting cards while Germany was printing their cards from woodcuts for Valentines and New Years celebration. Read more

Christmas By gcarterm

Shopping days till Christmas. Then it all comes together. A time of year when we can connect with loved ones in a concrete way, not a messy spiritual way. By box proxy, bright with goodwill wrapping, crinkling paper, and hasty ink-stained tags. To's. From;s. For's. Merries and Christmases. Dinner. And into the night of present-playing/wearing and television while slipping into a fumey state of forgetful ease. Then it's over. Read more