The Hara Center: A Place of Balanced Energy

Hara center is a center in the Etheric body responsible for balancing our entire energy constitution. It is a place of convergence of the lower material and higher emotional forces.

Hara is not a chakra in the strict sense of the word. Located 2 inches below the navel, it is a doorway into a vast etheric field that encompasses our planet. It is a limitless ocean of energy. Once you remove the energetic barriers in the Hara region, you will be able to feed on this energy, the same way a baby is getting nourishment through the mother's umbilical cord. In fact, parallel to nutritional substances, the baby receives etheric food from the Hara region.

Around the Hara center there is a ball of etheric energy 8 inches in diameter. This energetic ball interacts with the internal organs of your body, and especially with the digestive system. Thus, Hara has a special role in the process of digestion and transformation of food into energy.

the ball of hara

The etheric energy of the Hara imbues the nutritive content in the intestines before being transferred to the body's cells and tissues through the bloodstream. For optimal health it is therefore vital to have a clean, open, and permeable Hara as much as possible.

This means your Hara has to be cleansed from all emotional and mental barriers that are stored in that part of your body. Otherwise, the energy of this energy center can easily turn into a red sea of persistent sorrow or other suppressed negative emotion.

That's why the first thing you should do after working on your character is to purify your Hara center from all toxic emotional and mental problems.

That can be done in several ways.

The first way is the most efficient and can be performed once you have strengthened your connection to your True Self, God in you. Invoke the help of your True Self to observe your problem in its real strength and size. The moment you accept the truth of it and become fully aware of it, it become irrelevant. You will be a witness of the miracle of total purification.

The second way is much more down to earth, but still very efficient. All you need is a calm corner of your home where you can relax.

  1. As a first step, follow the progressive muscle relaxation technique given in the second part of this book.
  2. Put your hands in front of the Hara with palms facing the floor. For 5 minutes let the energy that surrounds you enter through the palms until they become warm. As an alternative, you can also rub your palms together until they feel hot.
  3. Using a circular motion, gently, move your palms in a clockwise direction. Do that for a couple of minutes or as long as it fels good.
  4. Become aware of the warmth, comfort, and other pleasant sensation in that part of the body.
  5. Also, become aware of the thoughts and emotions that are coming to you right now.
  6. When you feel that your are done, stand up and note your experiences in your journal. You will be surprized by the multitude of insights you will have.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.


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