Forgotten Spiritual Virtues: Kindness

There is an old Indian legend about the fight that goes on inside every human being. It is a terrible fight between two wolves. One of them is filled with kindness, honesty, love, joy, gratitude, optimism, generosity, understanding, acceptance, humbleness, truth, and faith. The other is a personification of bitterness, envy, anger, sorrow, cowardliness, greed, false pride, and self pity.

Which wolf of the two is going to win? — The one you feed.

So, which wolf are you going to feed today?

“Goodness is the only investment which never fails.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Our true nature is goodness, but some people often go against their true nature. Their premise is that the world is ruthless, and that if they want to realize themselves living in such a world, they have to assume an uncompromising attitude. That is, uncompromising attitude toward life, toward the people that surround them, and toward their own being.

Others take a completely different position. They think they are victims. They think the system doesn't work, or simply they believe they are incapable of lasting happiness and success. This attitude is incompatible with their True Being, their perfect essence, as well.

Your true nature is Divine goodness. If you are resolute to go against it, the results will never be to your advantage. It may seem that you are making progress for a certain period of time, the results may even look good in the long run, but eventually, you are doomed for failure and disappointment.


What is your attitude toward the world that surrounds you? Do you see other people as competition, threat, or challenge? In fact, they are a chance to make contact, to exchange ideas, to offer selfless support and make a joint step forward.

The world can become a totally different place if we embrace, accept, and live our own kindness. Your essence is good, just surrender yourself to that knowledge.

If you have a problem to accept this attitude, you may try repeating the following affirmation: "I am a Divine kindness and graciousness."

If, at first, your thoughts and emotions resent this idea, be persistent. It is certainly not easy living in a constant inner conflict between your true essence on one side, and the erroneous attitudes acquired from the past on the other. If you are persistent, in time you will bring your thoughts and feelings in harmony with this fundamental truth.

To be in harmony with your essential goodness doesn't mean that you have to be weak or yielding. Quite the opposite is true. Being good means being strong, because you have the assurance and self-confidence that come from knowing your true Divine nature.

Accepting the inner goodness of your own being doesn't mean you won't be making mistakes any more. It only means that, after a while, you will make less and less mistakes. If you practice awareness of the goodness of your True Self, you will start to attract good things into your life. Love, inspiration, and abundance will find their way to you more easily. Like attracts like.

Being kind doesn't mean that you should let other people treat you poorly. Be patient and choose your company. Practice goodness.

While choosing to be kind at first might be hard, acting according to your inner kindness is even harder. Try to do at least one good deed every day. It doesn't necessarily have to be a visible good deed.

For example, a good deed can be when you stop your negative thinking about someone or something, even when you stop being negative toward yourself.

And when you choose to do a visible good deed, don't immediately start looking for approval or praise. Practice kindness for kindness's sake, because that's your true nature.

Set some time apart during the day for meditation or prayer. Or read an inspirational book. Or write your diary.

All these activities will help you strengthen your kindness. Live in such a way as to enable your inherent kindness to come to the fore.

It is virtually impossible to live your life to the fullest unless you believe in your own fundamental kindness. If you don't believe that you act out of sheer kindness of your own heart, you will doubt your decisions all the time, you will doubt your own values, and you will doubt the limitless potential of your True Self.

The more you give, the more you love, the more you laugh, the more you communicate, the more you will strengthen your own kindness and belief in it.

When we focus on suffering, we lose sight of the really important things in our life. But if we dare to live our true self, we have no choice but to believe in the goodness of our being, and take risks.

Taking risks doesn't mean chasing things that bring approval from other people, it means discovering what it is that's valuable the most to us. So start dreaming big dreams, dreams that mean to you the most. Forget about following role models imposed on you by the society, family, or some other person.

The God's gentleness reaches farther than the sun's rays, and is an integral part of His kindness.

How to Practice Kindness

  1. Close your eyes and relax all parts of your physical body.
  2. Follow your breath for a couple of minutes.
  3. Relax your mind by performing pratyahara.
  4. When the train of thoughts has slowed down a little, imagine a peaceful meadow and walk around.
  5. Now let yourself search for the kindness inside of you. It is there, all the time, available to you whenever you are ready to look for it.
  6. This is a place where you can relax, where you can accept who you are, where you can accept the reality as it is, and yourself in it.

Practice this exercise anytime, anywhere. In your meditation you can look for kindness in other people, even if you have a complicated relationship with someone. The kindness is always there, always waiting to be discovered.

The above is an excerpt from the book "Light Up the Light in Your Heart" by Olga Rezo.

Photo by Joshua Clay on Unsplash

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