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Unblocking Your Chakras and Unlocking Your Potential

By Dawn Fairchild

Balancing all of the different areas of our lives can occasionally be a stressful juggling act of domestic duties, family needs and work related obligations. As we navigate through this maze of responsibilities we can often become bogged down by amount of time and effort that they require. You might find that the joy you used to get from doing these things in the past has been replaced with the feeling of being pulled in too many directions at once. If this describes you in any degree, maybe it's time to do an evaluation of your body and see which areas are in need of some TLC.

Crown Chakra - Sahasrara

crown chakra

Has your thought process become obstructed or perhaps even too rigid? Individuals with an unbalanced crown chakra often complain of an ill-at-ease feeling that is pervasive when decisions have been made or are being planned. Can you empathize with this feeling? To unblock your Sahasrara, try the following exercise a few times throughout the day.

Assume your preferred meditative stance. When in position, take both of your middle fingers and press them together at their tops. Intertwine the rest of your fingers while taking care to loop your left thumb under your right thumb. While your hands are static in this position, begin to slowly chant or speak the "NG" (uhng) chant.

Brow Chakra - Ajna

third eye chakra

Individuals who are in-tune with their brow chakra typically have no problem seeing "the big picture" to events and happenings around them. If you are in a fast-paced working environment, your brow chakra has a much higher chance of becoming unbalanced. This can manifest itself in feelings of inferiority or consistently being unsure of your actions. To realign this chakra try this simple exercise.

Position both of your hands just at your sternum. With your hands in place, take both of your middle fingers and let them meet at the tips. The rest of your fingers should meet at the knuckle and your thumbs should point skyward. With your hands in place, chant the phrase "OM" (ohm) for a few minutes or until properly relaxed.

Throat Chakra - Vishuddha

throat chakra

Properly expressing and asserting yourself with others, especially to those in a higher position than you can be the sign of a perfectly balanced throat chakra. If you are on the opposite end of this spectrum and are instead persistently nervous, have difficult speaking in group situations or you constantly doubt your words, your Vishuddha may be out of sync. Try the following meditative exercise to rebalance this chakra.

Start by crossing your fingers together and having the palms of your hands point up. From here, place both of your thumbs in such a way that they are both touching at the tips. The space between your fingers and your thumbs should resemble a circle. Place your hands at the base of your stomach and begin to chant the phrase "HAM" (hah-mh).

Heart Chakra - Anahata

heart chakra

An individual with a perfectly balanced heart chakra has no problem creating new friendships or being the perfect partner in a relationship. The heart chakra also plays a major role in our ability to experience love and exhibit compassion. If this chakra is not as active as it should be, these areas of your life will suffer and you may find yourself being cold or distant in your relationships. To correct this, try this exercise.

Sit in a cross-legged position and with both of your hands place the thumb and the index finger together as if you are lightly holding a fragile piece of paper. Your left hand should then softly rest on your left knee while your right hand sits just at your sternum. While in this position, begin to chant the phrase, "YAM" (yah-hm).

Naval Chakra - Manipura

navel chakra

Those of us who have a well-balanced naval chakra demonstrate qualities of high self-esteem and a clear thought process that leads us to making more informed choices and decisions. Excess of this chakra can result in a trait known as "steam-rolling" where we can override other's ideas and opinions. A blocked naval chakra will result in difficulty arriving at answers as well as feelings of inferiority around other people. To get this chakra rebalanced contemplate adding the following exercise to your daily meditative regimen.

Begin by putting both of your hands just at your naval. Aside for your thumbs, all other finger should be meeting at their tips and pointing away from your body to create a triangle. Your thumbs should interlock with the right thumb over the left. Keep your fingers straight and softly chant, "RAM" (rahm).

Sacral Chakra - Swadhisthana

sacral chakra

Being in balance with your sacral chakra allows for free expression with your emotions and feelings. Passion flows freely with those of us with an open sacral chakra as our ability to receive and produce intimacy is uninhibited. If you find yourself detached or unemotional to feelings and situations that you know should spark an emotion perhaps your sacral chakra is be obstructed. The inability to feel the warmth of intimacy and closeness can be frustrating and lead to feelings of depression and isolation. To work on opening this chakra, implement the following exercise.

To begin, place one hand on top of the other and set them in your lap. Your palms should be facing skyward and your thumbs should be connected at the tips. Once you have achieved this position begin to chant "VAM" (vahm).

Root Chakra - Muladhara

root chakra

A strong root chakra invokes the feeling of being stable and in control during problematic and tumultuous times in our lives. Those of us with a closed or obstructed root chakra can often feel like life is simply whisking us along its path and we are left to struggle in the flow. Opening up our root chakras is an excellent step we can take to feel like the drivers of our lives again. To strengthen this chakra practice the following exercise.

Sit cross legged on the floor and let your elbows rest on the tops of your knees. With your hands slightly bent, imagine once again that you are delicately holding a piece of paper or potato chip in-between your index finger and your thumb. Once this is achieved, begin to chant "LAM" (lahm).

Over time and with practice, you will begin to experience the benefits of your body's energy working together in perfect, unblocked unity.

About the Author

Author, mystic, and tarot reader Dawn Fairchild has been doing Zodiac and Tarot readings for over 14 years. She is a devotee of the Sacred Feminine and a seasoned aromatherapy and candle magick practitioner. She also enjoys writing horoscopes for Oranum.


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margarita says:

What about unblocking them using Reiki??

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can do that with Reiki techniques. I'm not an expert in Reiki, but it can definitely help you both balance and clear the energy centers of your body. You can use Reiki on each of the chakras, and help clear the imbalances present in the corresponding areas and prevent them from manifesting on mental, emotional, and physical levels.

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