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Heart Chakra Gemstones

By Jennifer Koebele

The heart chakra is number four of the seven primary chakras. It is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra connects with energies such as love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Physically, it is connected to the thymus gland, circulatory system, lungs and the heart. Other names for this chakra are anahata or anahatha. The heart chakra&rsquos sense is touch. An open chakra gives and receives love above all things. The colors of the heart chakra are green and pink, as reflected in the colors of its healing gemstones.

Rose Quartz

loose rose quartz stone

Rose quartz is a soft pink gemstone which is said to have a gentle vibration that brings inner peace. It is used to help in all matters of the heart, including love. It is used in chakra healing therapy to open the heart chakra. Its purifying power cleanses, and then activates the energy center. The stone replaces negative energy with positive vibration. It is believed that a cleansed rose quartz crystal can be placed over the heart to relieve stress, turmoil and trauma. It is also used to charge water that can be utilized to wash the face to keep skin looking young.


loose emerald stone

The emerald is the green beryl gemstone. It is thought to be a stone of intense harmony, wisdom and love and is used by chakra and other healers to heal the heart. It is said to vibrate with love and is at its highest power during a full moon in the spring season. Emerald is a sacred stone belonging to the goddess Venus. It is said to be a symbol of preserving love, hope and prophecy. The emerald is used to tranquilize a trouble mind and provide wisdom. One legend of the gemstone is that giving a loved one an emerald will bring them closer and bridge issues that separate lovers. The emerald has been used to heal the eyes, fertilize rain and as a symbol of faith in various cultures throughout the centuries.


loose chrysoprase stone

Chrysoprase is an apple green colored gemstone which represents protection and healing. It is used to heal the heart chakra by strengthening insight and higher consciousness. The gemstone releases hope and joy. It protects and shields negative energy and is said to heal any type of physical wound. It is held over the infected area rather than placed on the body. Some people carry it in a pocket as protection against negative energy and physical injury. Others place a small bowl of Chrysoprase near their front door for the same reasons. Jewelry made with this gemstone should be set only in silver and is said to have more power if carved in a heart shape.


jade figure

This historic green gemstone has spiritual, emotional and physical connections to the heart chakra. In ancient times it was used to attract love. Jade carved into a butterfly shape is still a symbol of love in China. Jade is a heart chakra healing stone that addresses physical problems as well as their psychological or spiritual roots. Jade is used to heal the kidneys, stomach and heart. It is also considered a protective stone. A piece of the stone is placed between two purple candles that have burned for a while and then the jade is carried for protection. Jade is also used to bring wealth and to help in making business decisions that will result in prosperity.

Pink Sapphire

loose sapphire stone

This gemstone is deep pink in color. It generates forgiveness, acceptance, release and love. It is a gentle stone that balances the heart chakra energy with the mind to create strength during difficult situations. Pink Sapphire is considered a stone of passion and joyful love. It opens the heart chakra to give and receive love by overcoming shyness and emotional blocks. It releases past hurts and disappointments. This gemstone balances the fire and water elements of the heart chakra.


loose variscite stone

This gemstone is fairly rare. The stone occurs in varying green shades and is also called Utahlite because it can be found in Utah as well as other areas. The stone is used to soothe, clarify and connect energies. It promotes universal love and serenity. Variscite is used to free the heart chakra of stress and to promote increased learning and reasoning. It heals many aspects that can affect relationships by releasing bad habits, providing balance and enhancing courage.

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