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How to Promote Self-Care with Calming Colors

By Karlyn McKell

We often underestimate the influence that the colors around us can have on our mental and emotional health. Using the principles of color theory, there are several ways to incorporate color schemes throughout your home that naturally encourage self-care.

Color theory studies the effects of different colors on the brain and our emotions. With all the time we spend at home, the colors of our walls can have a big influence on how we feel and function each day. Being around a color that is too intense for too long can cause unnecessary stress and discourage wellness.

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But what colors do we consider “calming,” and what do those colors represent? The following color palettes each convey certain qualities that are perfect for curating a zen space:

  • Gray: elegance, peace, relaxation

  • Green: nature, positivity, rejuvenation, contemplation

  • Blue: versatility, calmness, productivity

  • Pink: positivity, ease

  • Purple: freedom, revitalization, authenticity, spirituality

  • Beige/Brown: comfort, humility, rest

Using muted, more neutral shades avoid oversaturation or anything too striking. Calming lighter shades can bring a soothing vibe to any room’s decor, while darker hues can help create a more productive space.

Along with these palettes, there are many things you can add to your space to complement the soothing color scheme. For example, natural light is an important factor in boosting morale and regulating your circadian rhythm. Maximize the amount of light in your home with easily opened curtains and lots of mirrors to reflect the light.

It’s also important to design rooms so that they’re spacious and not too disorganized. Clutter is a huge catalyst for stress, and using a minimalist approach can make a big difference when creating the optimal zen household.

Making these changes to your color scheme and home layout will help change the way you approach wellness and make stress a thing of the past. For even more information on curating a zen space, check out the following visual from HomeAdvisor.

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