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Keeping a Positive Mindset While Job Hunting

By Katrina Hatchett

It can be very easy to be let down or get discouraged during a job hunt, especially if you’ve been searching for what feels like a long time. This is a dangerous feeling though, because it’s so important to keep a positive attitude throughout because it will motivate you and be reflected in your demeanor when you network and meet potential employers. Here are some helpful suggestions for ways to stay positive during a job search.

1. Be Organized

Take the time you need at the start to organize yourself. You want everything ready that you’ll possibly need, like having your resume and LinkedIn profiles up to date, references lined up, interview plan in place, and an outline for your job search. This will make the process smoother and will make you feel more in control of your own actions.

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2. Adopt a Routine

Act like your job hunt is a regular 9 to 5 job by making it a routine. Wake up early, take a couple of breaks including a set lunch break, and finish before dinner, setting aside your evening for personal time. Having a fixed start and end time to your job search each day will make it easier for you to focus on your social and personal life outside of those hours and maintain a healthy balance.

3. Do Other Activities

Similar to the above point, you want to set aside some time each day to stop thinking about your job search. In fact, as Heather Freele, an HR manager at Brit Student and Australia2Write, explains “if you think about it too much, your stress levels will go up, you’ll get a worse attitude, and your whole life will suffer. Instead, do something each day that you enjoy, whether it’s going to the gym, playing a sport, or meeting with friends.”

4. Think About the Positives

When you’re job searching, you want to remind yourself of your positives by making a list of your best skills, accomplishments, and your qualities that you’re most proud of. This helps you prepare for interviews, but more importantly, it will increase your confidence and remind you why you’re an excellent candidate.

5. Set Tangible Goals

Once a week, before you start job searching, create a list of achievable and tangible goals that you want to achieve that week. This could be anything from going to a networking event to writing 5 cover letters to applying to 3 new jobs. These small yet important goals will make you feel accomplished and that the entire process is achievable.

6. Network In Person

It’s easy to network online these days, but in person networking is still the best approach. According to Christine Wright, a psychologist atWrite My X and Next Coursework, “grabbing coffee with a client, friend, or former colleague can get you leads for new jobs that you might not have considered. You can also consider asking your friends and family for help because they might know of a good opportunity for you.”

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7. Volunteer

By volunteering and helping others, you’ll be more likely to have a positive attitude as volunteering makes people feel good about themselves and gives us a purpose. Additionally, this is a good addition to your resume and can even help you with networking by expanding your network of contacts. Look for volunteer organizations in you region that match your interests or your professional career.

8. Celebrate the Little Things

Instead of just focusing on the negatives, remind yourself of the smaller wins and don’t be afraid to celebrate them. This can be anything from making a new connection or reaching someone else with your blog post or social medial platform, or getting a call for an interview. This can help you stay positive and keep your job search in perspective and moving forward.

When you focus on the positive aspects of your job search, you’ll decrease your worry and stress levels about what you can’t control. Even though it’s normal to feel discouraged and like the process is taking so long, it’s worth the effort once you start your new job and it’s good life experience to gain.

About the Author

Katrina Hatchett is a lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits and Assignment Help. She is a writer who is involved in many projects with personal development, career opportunities, and networking. She enjoys helping her readers reach their full potential. She also produces content for the PhD Kingdom blog.


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