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The Life-Changing Habits For Good Luck And Happiness

By Frank Hamilton

Everyone strives to be happy and, as it seems, makes a lot of effort for this. People buy new things, order tasty food, visit new places, and meet people who seem to make them happy. However, many are faced with the fact that such happiness is an illusion. Au fait?

Such external and elusive happiness is the result of the fact that a lot of people do not understand that happiness comes from within. Neither wealth, nor work, nor a trip or restaurant will bring long-term happiness. What to do with it? There are several habits of happy people with which you let happiness and good luck come into your everyday life.

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Top 10 Habits for Happiness and Good Luck

If you introduce the following habits in your life, then you will no longer need to spend time searching for happiness or hoping that luck will turn to you. Most psychologists say that it will take two to 2.5 months for such habits to become part of you. But it's worth it, so you can start right now.

Diary of Happiness

Some experts recommend starting a diary where you will write your emotions every day. Now you may argue that this idea is more suitable for teenagers who are fond of personal diaries. But, with the help of a diary, you can analyze what moments make your life unhappy. After a week, read your daily notes and find out what you spend the most emotions on. The following habits will help get rid of them and bring yourself closer to happiness.

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Physical Exercises

Many are surprised and cannot understand where is the connection between sport, happiness, and success. But 15-20 minutes a day is what you need to open your way to happiness. Such time is enough to improve blood circulation, pressure, and activate endorphins. Scientists have long found a connection between sport and serotonin, so daily exercise will make you happy. And the desire to play sports daily tempers the spirit and attracts luck, as luck is a companion of purposeful people.

Find Something Good in Every Situation

All events are going their own way and often it is not possible to turn the process in your favor. But the ability to think positively and to find good in everything is the fastest way to happiness. It is possible to assume that a person’s life is like a camera and you see what you are looking at. And what you look at is your choice.

For example, you are angry that your friend is late for a meeting. Instead of being angry and offended, think about the fact that you have been given this time to enjoy loneliness. This is a commonplace example, but it reflects what an approach in life should be like. In a week you will notice that if you look at the world positively, then your mood and even well-being will immediately improve.

Strength of Mind

One of the biggest disappointments in life is failure. Not all people know how to cope with failure and often remain in a state of frustration for a very long time. Persistent people are much quicker to deal with disappointments and other failures. Your task is to develop the strength of mind in yourself and stand firmly on your feet. To do this, you need to turn any failure into a positive and let go, and not go in cycles.

Give Thanks

Everyone always wants something, but when we get it, we often forget about gratitude. This is especially true regarding what you have. Happiness and gratitude go hand in hand. And grateful people are often rewarded with luck. Every day, start with thanks for what you have. The same can be repeated before bedtime, but this must be a daily ritual.

Live in Real Time

Most people focus on the past or the future, forgetting the present. If you live by this principle, then you can forget about long-term happiness. Happy people live here and now, so learn to return to real life and enjoy the current moment. If you find it difficult to do this, then you can just stop and pay attention to what is happening around you.

Learn to Forgive

Finding happiness without the ability to forgive is almost impossible. Discontent and resentment take away a lot of energy and even health. For this reason, it is very important to learn to forgive those who have offended you. If you have a strong resentment against someone, then it will take time to eliminate this resentment forever. As a daily habit, we recommend using this exercise:

Imagine the person you are offended by.

Hug this person and say that you forgive him and forgive yourself.

Experts recommend repeating such an exercise not only daily, but several times a day. By the way, a similar visualization can be carried out with respect to the situation or oneself.

Find a Hobby

Being busy with your hobby provides a good mood and, of course, it is one of the habits of happiness. Remember what you did before or what you would like. Do not refer to the lack of time, since it is quite realistic to allocate half an hour every day and spend it on your hobby.

“Despite the tight schedule and constant workload, I never forget about basketball. Every day after work I spend 20 minutes with the ball. This is the best way to relax and let in happiness.” – explained the CEO from the Online Writers Rating custom writing reviews company.


Psychologists say that excessive seriousness leads to constant stress and strengthens it. Moreover, seriousness feeds anxiety, and fear. If you are one of those people who are a serious person more than 50% of the whole day, then you urgently need a laugh.

It is not just about looking at many things with a smile, but about the need for ordinary and sincere laughter. Find a comedy show and watch it every day so you can laugh. Maybe you have your own recipes for laughter, so make laughter a daily habit.

Become free from expectations

Another key to a happy and peaceful life is the lack of expectations, especially in cases where we cannot change anything. Most people want other people to act according to their expectations. For example, parents expect their children to choose the same profession as them. And when expectations are not met, it means a bitter disappointment in life that can flow into depression.

The only way to get rid of the habit of expecting something from someone is to accept the fact that everyone on earth has the right to act as he wants. And you too. And your and his ideas about what is right and what is wrong should not coincide.

The Final Words

Probably, you noticed most habits require a little of your time to change your whole life. But the introduction of these habits allows you to open yourself to happiness and good luck. After a month, you will notice that all your affairs are successful, and any difficulties will seem ridiculous. Being happy is very simple and just now you have the opportunity to make sure of it!

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