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Types of Motivation and Their Impact on Our Lives

By Damian

Motivation is the spice of life. Living a life without this important component is like going on a journey without a compass direction. At least, we all have something that motivates us. This is what fuels us into action to achieve our heart desires. Though to some extent our lives may not be driven by external forces, the bottom-line is that motivation is an important gratification that constitutes a happy life. But have you ever wondered what types of motivations are there and how they impact on our lives? Well, they are many. Here are some of the leading life motivations.

Different types of motivations

Achievement motivation is one of the leading pillars in our lives. This is the undying drive to pursue and accomplish tasks, however complicated they may seem to be. Individuals with this type of motivation will not stop at anything to advance in the ladder of success. In essence, they are risk takers who wish to do anything to achieve their mission. A burning desire to achieve anything and everything is very healthy in everyday life. Individuals who set goals and keep thinking about them develop an all-consuming desire that drives them to their goals. It is therefore important to set time and find your purpose in life and start working towards it.

Competence motivation also comes high on the list. We all want to stand out from the crowd by doing something unique and valuable. People who are competent-motivated seek to outdo their peers in virtually everything. They seek job mastery and take a lot of pride in their problem-solving skills. If you are competent in whatever you do, then you have an upper hand over your competitors. This means that you will live a fulfilling and comfortable life.

Power motivation is very healthy to every individual. As a matter of fact, we all want to be influential people who command forces of change in everything we indulge in. This is particularly common in political scenes and highly competitive workplaces. This is strong motivation which will directly or indirectly affect those around you. If you manage to have power over your competitors, then you are on your way to establishing a firm control of whatever you do.

Attitude motivation is simply how you think and react. This is self-belief, attitude towards life and confidence. In essence, it is the way an individual feels about the future, and their take on the same. Positive attitudes are very instrumental in life. If we manage to develop positive attitudes in whatever we do, then we can accomplish anything, regardless of how complicated it may seem to be. On the other hand, we should strive to eliminate negative attitudes as they negatively impact on our abilities.

The importance of motivation

The importance of motivation is very obvious. It is the bridge that connects us to our goals and purpose in life. Without a doubt, it is one of the most important factors that drive us to reach our goals. That said, it is hard to imagine life without motivation. Such a life is comparable to driving a car without gas.

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Leo says:

In addition to the above types of motivation I would like to add the so-called spiritual motivation. Nothing can motivate us so strongly as some of the most fundamental questions: "Who we truly are?", "What is the purpose of life?", "Where are we coming from?", or similar. Such questions make us become spiritual seekers and can motivate us on a long-term and consisten basis. Once you have been "infected" with spiritual motivation, there is no turning back, but to follow you heart on the path of spiritual journey.

sunnyray says:

Nicely put, Leo. I have nothing to add. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

bryan says:

You have talked about Achievement motivation and Growth motivation. There are also other types of motivation, like incentive motivation, motivation by fear, growth, and social factors. Read more at

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