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Positive Mindset May Kill Your Success. Find Out Why.

By Isabell Gaylord

Pointing out to a positive mindset as the reason for your failure at a business might sound a little bit awkward and untrue. But this is mainly because we have been taught to believe for many years that having a positive mindset is the key to success in life or in a business. But this is not true, at least not at all times.

There is no denying that having a positive mindset is a good thing and would help you grow in a lot of ways. But painting it as a once size fits all solution to all problems is just plain wrong and is likely to do you more harm than good to your chances of success.

As much as it makes a lot of sense to keep a positive mindset and be an optimistic person, there are downsides to it which may make your positive mindset affect you negatively.

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By now, you are probably thinking and doubting how it is a problem for you to have a team of people with positive mindsets around you. You are probably running a model like dissertation services and you are thinking of why it is bad that all your team members are optimists with a positive mindset.

Here are two reasons it is bad for you:

  1. People with a positive mindset never make contingency plans for bad happenings.

You have to understand here that I am not advocating evil or negativity, but this is life and bad things always happen. The bad side of people with a negative mindset is that they always anticipate evil. That is very bad and it makes them fearful and unable to progress. On the other hand, the bad side of people with a positive mindset is that they are never prepared for bad happenings. This is the easiest way to lose it all.

This is life and it is definitely not a bed of roses. While you should not fearfully anticipate evil, you should know that there is a good chance something bad happens at any time, so you make plans for such an occurrence.

Think of it as insurance. The reason people insure a car is not that they expect to wreck it in an accident tomorrow, or they expect it to be stolen, but they just do it in case of such unpleasant happenings. The truth is, the car might never be stolen and you might never have an accident in it either. That’s life, and you are just being prepared for it.

Now relate this example to other aspects of life. The problem with optimistic people is that they never have this insurance policy in case of life’s problems. While they might not negate research paper writing services, they really do not have a Plan B to live. They are too positive to see the possibility in Plan A failing. They expect everything to go on well.

This could lead to failure in business. When you do not have an alternative plan for a failing business model, you are caught in the lurch before you realize it. The business will appear to fail suddenly but it did not, the failure has been coming a long time but they are too positive to pay attention to it. Even when an anomaly is evident, rather than take action or make contingency plans, an optimist would prefer to wait and hope that things turn around. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, you can only attribute the failure to their positive thinking.

  1. People with positive mindset do not care enough for themselves

This is quite surprising, but according to survey data by meQuilibrium, people with a positive mindset do not pay enough attention to themselves and their health due to their positive mindset. They just expect everything to be fine and remain fine. The data reveals that optimistic people tend to show characteristics associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

They are usually not inclined to watch their diet or maintain their fitness and check their sleeping habit, whether or not they are under pressure, because they believe that in the end, everything will be fine, and their health is okay also.

A positive mindset, if not watched can bring about a nonchalant attitude towards life, business, health, family, etc. because the person believes everything is fine, or things will definitely get better. Because of their optimism, they end up not taking the necessary steps that they need to take or ought to have taken until things suddenly fall apart and fall out of their hands.

You should not misconstrue my words to mean that a positive mindset is a bad thing to have. It is a very good thing, really. But it should not be preached as the master key to success when in reality it can also be a master key to kill your success. Balance is important in life. As with essay writing service reviews, you must be able to see and weigh the positives with the negatives, the good with the bad. It is therefore important to be able to keep that balance.

A positive mindset is good, but you should not also surround yourself with a team of positive mindset people if you do not want your progress to stall at some point. If you have a positive mindset, have a partner or someone close to you who does not have the same mindset and can help you create that balance. So you act when you ought to act and watch patiently when you ought to. If you run a business as well, make sure you have a mix of people with positive mindsets with those with the not-so-positive mindset as well. Creating this balance is vital and is an important key to success.


A positive mindset is good and excellent. But it is not a one-size-fits-all thing, and it should not be taught as such. It is important to help you in some situations but in other situations, it hinders you and kills you. You should know when to be positive and when to not be. Positivity will not solve all problems.

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