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Personal Growth Toward Joy and True Happiness By Ashlee Swenson

Through the power of personal growth we can discover the root of what men call "happiness"... The individual's capacity for happiness - and the special nature of his happiness - becomes explainable. Happiness is a state of being or consciousness which depends upon the ease with which "life" operates within the total organism (body and psyche). Ease brings happiness: disease results in pain, sorrow and unhappiness... Read more

7 Tips On How To Be Assertive By David Hoang

Assertiveness is standing up for yourself without violating the rights of other people. It is the honest and appropriate expression of one’s feelings that can result to positive and constructive outcome. According to studies most people tend to lack assertiveness for many different reasons that usually involve lack of confidence, a low self esteem and the need to please other people at the expense of oneself because he or she is afraid to be disliked... Read more

Understanding Positive Reinforcement And How It Works By Alissa Zucker

Positive reinforcement, in its most basic form, puts a carrot just outside the reach of a donkey until the animal performs a required task. Most people are a little like good donkeys and will do whatever it takes to get that carrot, especially if they’re hungry. The whole theory boils down to IF task ‘A” is completed, reward “B” is given. In a way, positive reinforcement is like a bribe... Read more

In Ashes: How To Get Your Heart Together After A Break-Up By Isabell Gaylord

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced heartbreak. It might be that someone you were in love with broke up their relationship with you or you were the one who had to break up with someone you. There is also the possibility that you just lost someone so dear to you to the cold hands of death. The chances are high that you will experience both at some point in your life if you have not already... Read more

Positive Mindset May Kill Your Success. Find Out Why. By Isabell Gaylord

Pointing out to a positive mindset as the reason for your failure at a business might sound a little bit awkward and untrue. But this is mainly because we have been taught to believe for many years that having a positive mindset is the key to success in life or in a business. But this is not true, at least not at all times. There is no denying that having a positive mindset is a good thing and would help you grow in a lot of ways. But painting it as a once size fits all solution to all problems is just plain wrong and is likely to do you more harm than good to your chances of success... Read more

The Answer Is In The Way: Don't Get Obsessed With Your Goals If You Want To Find Happiness By Isabell Gaylord

We all consciously or unconsciously understand the importance of having goals in our lives. A life lived without goals isn’t quite worth living. And yet that doesn’t mean that our goals should always be our main purpose for living. Is it right to spend every minute of your life obsessing over your goals? We need goals. To be sure, goals are a necessary part of our lives. They’re not just things we set passively to make our lives more interesting. They are often the source of the fuel that keeps us moving forward. They are what gives us the strength to wake up in the morning... Read more

Tips and Tricks for Job Interviews if You’re an Introvert By Aimee Laurence

It can be really difficult to go to a job interview when you’re an introvert and maybe you stress for hours if not days before the date of your interview. Introverts are known to enjoy solitude and often struggle with small talk or feel self-conscious, whereas extroverts come across as confident, charismatic, and are able to sell their skills in an interview without trouble... Read more

Keeping a Positive Mindset While Job Hunting By Katrina Hatchett

It can be very easy to be let down or get discouraged during a job hunt, especially if you’ve been searching for what feels like a long time. This is a dangerous feeling though, because it’s so important to keep a positive attitude throughout because it will motivate you and be reflected in your demeanor when you network and meet potential employers. Here are some helpful suggestions for ways to stay positive during a job search... Read more

How to Practice Non Judgment By Baradhin

We usually go through life judging everything; other people, ourselves, our experiences, our conduct. We always have "this is good" or "this is bad" in the background of our mind. In case all goes well, everything will be good. However, more than we would like to admit, we dislike certain people, certain experiences, and how we deal with it. After all, think about facebook. We like to like or dislike comments, images, or pages that other people share. We give thumbs up to songs, movies, restaurants. It is how our thinking process goes... Read more

5 Personality Development Tips That Work Wonders With Kids By Aradhana

I truly adore kids! Aren’t they like a breath of fresh air in your otherwise mundane life? Right from the first words they speak to the first steps they take, every first calls for a celebration. Picture coming home from a tiring day at work and getting just one glimpse of your child’s happy face – isn’t it the best stress buster in the world? Sure is, for me! I’m a blessed mother of two beautiful kids and raising them has been quite an adventure! In the journey of bringing up my children, I have made many mistakes... Read more

5 Practical Ways to Overcome Depression After Marriage By Mira Lonnia

You have eagerly anticipated your wedding with all its splendor. After all, it has been the largest project you have ever been engaged in and the most important day of your life. You have probably planed it for months, and now that it is over, you start to feel a little down. The irritating sense of disappointment has just kicked in... Read more

How to Live Your Life Consciously By Mira Lonnia

Every human being should live his or her life as consciously as possible. This is of paramount importance. I always try to bring to my consciousness everything that comes up from my unconscious mind. Living consciously can help you too. It can help you clear the fog in front of your eyes so that you can see where you are going. It can also help you make deliberate choices rather than automatic ones. After all, we all want to control our destiny as firmly as possible... Read more

The Importance Of Inspirational Stories By Javed H.

Inspirational stories always play a vital role in our lives as we can learn a lot from such stories. The history of inspirational stories is as old as the concept of heaven and hell. Nobody can determine where these stories actually started, but the fact is that these stories play an important role in self-motivation, and developing one's personality. These stories always touch the heart and create emotions; therefore, our soul is refreshed whenever we hear a good, inspirational story... Read more

The Internet and Time Management Habits By sunny breeze.

In order to live our lives successfully and creatively and to realize our full potential as human beings, we have to manage our time and energy wisely. Internet is a very useful research tool that can help us connect with other people and enable us to gather information and knowledge on numerous diverse topics almost instantly. However, if we are not careful enough... Read more

Stress Can Lead to Anger but Stress Doesn't Equal Anger By Robert Cordray

When was the last time you became stressed out? Or how about the last time you became angry? These two emotions are common for all peoples in the world. No matter who you are or what your background, at some point stress and anger creep in. But stress does not have to equal anger, even though anger is a common reaction to stress. Learning to recognize the differences between anger and stress and react appropriately can quell a lot of heartache in our lives... Read more

Top 10 Self-Improvement Books to Beat the Rest to the Top By Michael

One of the best things a person can do to help them on the ladder to success is glean from the insights of others. This list of 10 books is designed to provide a powerful list of resources that can bring positive change to your life. Although not all of the titles fit in the "self-help" category, they each offer challenging principles for success and change... Read more

Shyness is a Straitjacket By piparose

I have quite a few friends who were always pretty shy in school and college. In the early stages of life this is often seen as a cute and endearing trait amongst people around them. A lot of people grow out of shyness but for many, it prevails into adulthood; and that’s when they are often alerted to problems associated with shyness, and how it can be quite crippling in a lot of facets of their life... Read more

Seven Effective Ways to a Better You By Ryan Rivera

Life is so beautiful. However, this can be an understatement if you continuously search for ways to improve yourself. If you always aim to become better each day you will learn to appreciate life even more. Your dreams will remain a dream if you do not find ways to improve yourself. This is true especially now that we are living in a fast track, tech-laden world. What is deemed as new today will soon become obsolete in just a matter of weeks or months. This goes to say that you need to keep on looking for fresh ideas for self-improvement... Read more

Philosophical Value Of Time By Harri Jussila

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, wrote that a man never steps in the same river twice, for it and he have changed. The symbology is poignant as the flow of time is something most take for granted. However, the image of time as a flowing river is something to be understood as many valid lessons can be learned. Heraclitus made a number of notations that did compare time and streams. We should heed his counsel... Read more

Types of Motivation and Their Impact on Our Lives By Damian

Motivation is the spice of life. Living a life without this important component is like going on a journey without a compass direction. At least, we all have something that motivates us. This is what fuels us into action to achieve our heart desires. Though to some extent our lives may not be driven by external forces, the bottom-line is that motivation is an important gratification that constitutes a happy life... Read more

12 Signs You're Totally Over Your Ex By Avani Peterson

she is happy without her ex

Relationships can be the most beautiful things on the planet but when they end, they can have the most devastating effects on people. A bad relationship can not only make you feel lonely but it can also tamper with your self esteem. However, once it hits the highway, instead of wasting time and thinking what went wrong, you should focus more on getting over our ex... Read more

Valuable Skills You Can Gain With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Training By Stuart

therapy circle

If a friend confides to you that they're "seeing a therapist" it is quite likely the picture that comes to mind is your friend either sitting on a comfy chair or lying down on a couch across from a counselor (who may bear a suspicious resemblance to Sigmund Freud) who nods every now and then as your friend talks about their troubles.  In the world of psychology, this is often referred to as "talk therapy."  This particular scenario represents something called "psychodynamic talk therapy." Read more

How to Keep People in Your Life and Make Them Like You By Kari

best friends

Are you really good at losing friends and alienating people, and you want that to change? Or do you just want keep people in your life who are there already? Lately I’ve been noticing that a number of people are really good at pushing other people out of their lives – whether they want to or not, and following are the top reasons why those people just can’t seem to keep people around them... Read more

10 Ways in Which Depression Affects Your Marriage By Kathy

depressed person

Does depression affect one’s marriage? Why not? If depression can affect your sleep, your thinking capabilities, your social interactions, your moods and your ability to cope, why not your marriage? Depression is a real relationship killer. Here are some of the ways depression affects your marriage. If you’re depressed, you’ll experience less satisfaction out of your marriage. You will be less happy, less content and less capable of being there for your partner. Your partner will feel increasingly isolated and experience the loss of physical and emotional intimacy... Read more

The Silva Life System By dusty7969

obstacles on the road

For those that are seeking inner peace and tranquility in their lives, The Silva Method is the right choice. By applying the techniques that are taught by Robert Stone, you can find yourself feeling much more productive and with a stronger sense of mind to solve the problems that are faced on a daily basis. Your Alpha State allows you to delve deeply into your inner conscious and produce the mind set that is necessary to enhance your life... Read more

Failure And Motivation By Chris Puetz

obstacles on the road

Failure and motivation are 2 items very close together. Usually one eventually comes with the other, but not always in the right order. As an example, I am a highly motivated person, but I experience a lot of failure. I experience the failures because I am motivated. Every failure kind of motivates me to get up and try again. Why? Because I have a goal I want to reach and I am not letting failure come between me and my goal... Read more

Your Slight Edge To Success By dusty7969

At some point, you'll almost inevitably have a moment of true clarity and realize that your life isn't quite where you want it to be. It might come in your early 20's or as late as your 50's or 60's, but it will almost certainly happen. Some series of events that occurs will lead you to this conclusion. You probably won't consciously know how you got there, but you'll realize you're unhappy with how your life is going. The Slight Edge, a book written by Jeff Olson, will help you understand how you arrived at that unhappy point, and how you can move beyond it in a more positive direction.... Read more

An Active Body Makes For a Calm Mind By Jenni Sunde

Regular exercise is not just good for the body, but for the brain as well. Over the years extensive research has shown that there is a detailed science behind this fact. Perhaps when you are stressed it is not uncommon to have the urge to “pound some pavement,” going for a run to release some of the tension you are feeling. This release is not just a result of your personality type - some people think that getting regular exercise as a means to cultivate greater psychological health is a component of a personality type. This is not so. Exercise helps to deal with stress because it has a direct impact on the neurons involved in processing the stress you experience in a day. But this is not just about science, it is also about feeling good and centered in your day-to-day life... Read more

The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn By dusty7969

It has been said many times that you are not worth what you think you are but rather what others think you are. By such a standard many of us go through life trying to meet the expectations of other people and in so doing often lose sight of what we want for ourselves. But in order to find true happiness we must break away from that notion, and this is what the Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn can help each and every one of us manage to do. The main concept is living life through rules that you chose for yourself, instead of those that others pick for you... Read more

Signs of Stress In The Workplace By John

The workplace is not an easy place to be these days. With the economy still in a state of flux, redundancies always on the horizon, and competitiveness between colleagues at record highs, it's easy to get so caught up in keeping your job that you fail to notice how stressed it is making you. Here are some of the most obvious signs that you may be suffering from stress in the workplace, and how to deal with them... Read more