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The Importance Of Inspirational Stories

By Javed H.

Inspirational stories always play a vital role in our lives as we can learn a lot from such stories. The history of inspirational stories is as old as the concept of heaven and hell. Nobody can determine where these stories actually started, but the fact is that these stories play an important role in self-motivation, and developing one’s personality. These stories always touch the heart and create emotions; therefore, our soul is refreshed whenever we hear a good, inspirational story. In childhood we ask too many questions while hearing the stories about the existence of certain things. When parents answer their questions, the children feel good because of the inspirational phrases used by the parents.

Why We Need Stories

books of stories

Some of these stories contain useful knowledge which can be used to develop a strong personality. A good story is the one which has some value for the person, and it provides knowledge as well as touches the heart. Often people feel down and slumping,  and they need something to get themselves up. In that situation, these stories work like magic in motivating people. People who want to set new objectives in life or want to achieve more than their actual ability also need these stories. The meaningful and sensitive inspirational story not only motivates you with words and quotes of wisdom, but it also makes you feel alive to face life’s daily challenges.

Impact of Inspirational Stories

All of these stories create a strong impact on children; however, when we grow up, we spend more time reading books and using the Internet. Because of our fast-paced lives, we have only  a little bit of time left to fulfil our spiritual needs, and that makes us feel something is missing in our lives. In order to fill that gap of spiritual needs, we need to spend some time reading these inspirational stories. If some of us have enough time, they can also write their own inspirational stories and share them with others to motivate them. An inspirational story can be happy, sad, motivating, or even depressing. The inspirational stories are key to building our character and make us what we are today. These stories are an extremely good source of gaining experience and learning the secrets in life.

Impact on Children

For children these types of stories are important as they give them a chance to learn about new things, and are a good source for building their characters. For adults, these stories are a substitute for spiritual activities, and fills the emptiness of their life caused because of not participating in the spiritual activities.  Therefore, we can say that inspirational stories are equally important for children as well as adults to build their personalities. The inspirational stories often work as powerful motivations, and when we feel down, we can inspire ourselves by reading these stories. The importance of inspirational stories is enormous in our lives as we all need a motivational force to keep our hopes alive and increase our productivity.

About the Author

Written by Javed, H, who has contributed several articles on self improvement. You can follow his thoughts on @examinet


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jenna says:

Children should hear optimistic, inspirational, loving stories, instead of what the media constantly bombard them with. Here is a nice list of inspiring children's books:

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the list, jenna. It's really useful.

david says:

Inspiration is what all of us need at certain points in our life. To shake us from our daily routine, to present us with new challenges, and to help us realize our full Divine potential.

Inspiration is a gift from God, it gives us fresh insight into the limitless possibilities of our own Self, awakening in us new faith, new strength, and new courage.

Life without inspiration would be a really boring place. No magic, no love, no creative passion.

So pray for inspiration every day. Pray to be given the precious gift of inspiration to be able to use your heart and mind for your own advancement and for the betterment of the entire world.

Sharon Sims says:

I'm a first time author currently working on a inspirational book about my times of homelessness and addictions.I fought my way out of depression, drug abuse, mental illness, greed and lust. I hope when my books get out, it will help a lot of people to stop pre- judging people and realize that all it takes is one misfortune to change your life but with faith and perseverance, it can be done.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sharon. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish you a lot of success and please make sure that you let us know once your book is published. Best regards.

Ankit Singh says:


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