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Quick Morning Yoga Routine For Beginners

By gymgearinfo

The morning is the most peaceful time in the day. Birds are singing, there is no traffic and the sky has a beautiful view. The morning is the perfect time for yoga beginners to try to improve on their yoga. It is important to start the day with yoga as it will reduce your stress and get you into the habit of practicing yoga. You have the perfect time to practice and not be distracted by calls, emails or your spouse. You are not also burdened by the stresses of the day and have plenty of energy. If practiced regularly it will develop into a habit that will have many health benefits. It will boost your metabolism, reduce chances of injury or tear of the muscle and can lead to better sex.

1. Back Stretches

Try to get outside as soon as you wake up. This way, there is less chance of you going back to sleep in that warm bed of yours. Your body will also benefit from the vitamin D as well as the fresh air. To practice this stretch, stand up straight and lift your arms up straight. Bend your back slightly to feel the lengthening of your body. As you are doing this inhale. Then exhale with one hand slide down your hips to the lower parts of your body whilst the other is raised. Relax your neck and keep calm. Stretch towards your arm that is down whilst inhaling. Repeat this five times with each arm.

2. Stretching your legs

Due to modern day life, sitting has become a predominant part of our life. This can lead to health problems. We spend hours sitting at work or driving. Therefore it is important that our legs get stretched and used. Sitting can shorten your muscles and tight muscles can cause injury. To stretch the leg muscles you can do a forward fold. First, exhale then fold forwards at the hips. Let your knees bend and bring your chest to your thighs as close as you can. Relax your neck and let your head hang loose. Your legs will feel the stretch as well as your lower spine. Keep this position for about 10-15 seconds. However, if it becomes painful you can reduce your time. Your legs will be stretched and ready for hours of sitting.

3. Tree Pose

During these stretches, try to visualize what you want to achieve later on in the day. Meditate and let your mind go free and do not think of any negatives. The tree pose will help you with your balance and is quite fun to try. First, position your feet hip- width apart. Spread the toes to gain a firm standing of the ground. Bring your hands to your hips. Bring your foot to your calf or thigh whilst inhaling. Then exhale and try to bring your arms to the sky if you can. Keep this position for 5 seconds. Exhale whilst slowly placing your feet on the ground. Then switch legs and do the same.

4. Cat Cow

The stretching of the muscles increases blood flow around the body and to your brain. It will not only physically prepare you for the upcoming day but also mentally. For this position, lower yourself to your knees and hands. Place your wrists directly below your shoulders and spread your fingers. Distribute the weight on each of your fingers not just your wrists. Keep the knees hip-width apart and the front part of your feet facing the ground. Inhale as you lift your head and tailbone and drop the belly towards the ground, heart extending forward. Then exhale as you arch the spine upwards whilst tucking the chin towards the chest and drawing your navel inward. Basically the opposite of the former. Do this for two to three minutes. You can change the speed as the more comfortable you get. This position will help stretch your back and neck. It can also be a fun sex position for you and your spouse later on the day. Yoga has many hidden benefits.

5. Down Dog

This position will stretch your arms, legs, and calf. It is great for the whole body. Lift your tailbone/ spine towards the sky. Drop your head and keep your heads shoulder length apart. Draw your navel in towards your spine and press the sole of your feet down towards the ground. You should feel the stretch whilst doing the last part. This position should make you in the position of and upside down V shape. Keep this position for 5 seconds or 5 deep breaths. This position is also a good sex position.

6. Triangle Pose

This pose is quite difficult but very rewarding. First, stand and then widen your legs to about a leg-length apart. Switch the right foot to the side and put your heel parallel to your left foot.. Take your arms and put your right arm to your right leg touching the heel of your foot. Stretch your left foot towards the sky. With both legs straight try and look towards the top of your left hand. You should the stretch. Keep this position for 5 seconds and repeat with the other side.

Getting into the above routine will help you learn yoga and prepare your body for the day as well as yoga in the future. There are many benefits to doing the above such as preparing your mind for the day ahead. Take the morning as a time to relax and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges of the day. Meditate whilst in the above positions and always take deep breaths. Yoga will help you in many areas of life including the romance department. A few of the yoga positions above will be useful in bed and bring some exciting changes. It is best practiced in the morning to leave time to use in the afternoon.

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