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5 Most Effective Techniques for Reducing Stress

By Isabell Gaylord

Stress is a big part of life. At times, it’s a healthy occurrence since it keeps you sharp and focused. However, when stress passes that line between normal and excessive, it can cause a great deal of problems. Regardless of the cause of stress, being exposed to continuous stress is detrimental to your mental and physical health.

Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the stress or at least control how you respond to the stressful stimulus. What works and what doesn’t is different with every individual. For some, it is meditation that helps them find a sense of calmness. For others, it is time spent with family or a sincere hug from a beloved one.

You are the only one who can determine what works best in relieving stress. Even so, there are some things that are known to help a huge number of people, techniques performed precisely with the goal to reduce stress.

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Yoga is a practice that dates back over five thousand years. Its main purpose is to boost the self-development. As such, it combines physical postures, ethical disciplines, meditation, and breathing control. Because of the amazing and versatile spiritual, psychological, and physical benefits, yoga has swiftly become one of the most popular practices aimed toward beating stress.

According to VeryWellMind, some of the best stress-relief techniques known today derive from the yoga discipline. These include meditation, mental imagery, stretching, controlled breathing, and specific physical movements. Guided by the idea to bring together the spirit, the mind, and the body, the term yoga comes from yoke, which means ‘to bring together’.

The greatest thing about yoga is that it can be practiced at any location. You can take classes with others or do it at home by using apps and videos with yoga exercises. When you feel overly stressed, take a break from whatever you are doing and pull out your yoga mat. If you’re a student, pay for essay writing help and give yourself the time to dwell into a calmfull bliss during a nice, long yoga session. You can even do yoga in between work breaks, in your office, and even while sitting on a chair!


Meditation is one of the greatest weapons against stress. Some believe that it originates from yoga but right now, it has evolved into an entire discipline. As soon as you find an essay writer to complete your assignment, repeat your favorite mantra in the mind while taking deep breaths. It is as simple as that – and you’ll feel a calm state roaming throughout your body after a long, stressful day at school.

Exercising is a great idea for reducing stress since it reduces the cortisol and adrenaline levels, which are known as the stress hormones. However, if you aren’t up to a lot of activity or don’t have the time to do it, a few minutes of relaxed meditation should help you get rid of the negative thoughts.

Meditation is really popular right now and not only because of its great effects. It’s widely recognized for its flexibility because people can do it virtually anywhere, often even without people noticing. You can meditate while in class, during a study break while college paper writing services write your academic papers, or while sitting through a terrible meeting at work.

How does it work?

Get yourself in a comfortable position and take slow, deep breaths while repeating a positive mantra in your mind. Practice mindfulness and simply be in the moment. Focus on the things you smell, see, hear, taste, and touch. It will take some practice to truly experience the great effects, but it is definitely worth it.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Similar to meditation, progressive muscle relaxation can be made in a sitting or lying state. It requires some movements of different parts of your body, all while being perfectly aware of specific muscle groups.

This is one of the highest praised forms of stress reduction and relaxation techniques right now. It is most popular among students who rarely have the time to do exercise or take long activities that take away hours from their days. While it is highly recommended to take some time off the studies, maybe even hire the best paper writing services to take over your assignments, you can also switch to this technique to reduce the stress without having to leave your home.

The technique includes four main steps. Firstly, you should breathe in and tense a muscle group for 5 to 10 seconds. After these seconds pass, you should breathe out and relax the muscle group suddenly. Then, you should take a break of 10 to 20 seconds before you move onto the next muscle group. Finally, when you go through all muscle groups, you count backward from five to one and get back to the present.

While doing this, you’ll sense an amazing relaxation coursing through your body.

Controlled Breathing

Simply focusing on how you breathe can help you get rid of negative feelings and thoughts and reduce your stress level. Once again, this is a technique that you can do without anyone noticing. Breathing is an excellent way to reduce stress and there are many breathing techniques you can choose from, such as belly breathing, Lion’s breath, breath focus technique, equal breathing, coherent breathing, etc.


Lastly, there’s the popular relaxation through experiencing great aromas. Aromatherapy is one of the top selected stress relief techniques around the globe. It can help you relax, enjoy the moment, and feel a burst of energy.

There are many ways to try aromatherapy. You can use diffusers, candles, or body products. You can do this at home or visit a place that offers such services. And of course, you can combine aromatherapy with any of the techniques described above, which makes for a brilliant stress-relief combo.

Wrapping Up

For these strategies to take effect, you need to be dedicated to them and practice them frequently. Without a doubt, the continuous and proper use of such techniques will help you find the calmness you’ve been craving for so long. They will not remove the reasons for your stress, but will certainly help you overcome it or deal with it more effectively.

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