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How Yoga Can Help Self-Improvement and Personal Development

By Ryan

Today, everybody is striving to stay fit. And yoga is one of those practices that people tap into for that purpose.

However, yoga is more about just being fit. If you practice it long enough, you might find that it’s not just changing your body but your mind as well.

Today, we’re going to take a look at how yoga can help your self-improvement and personal development, along with some scientific evidence of yoga’s power.

1. Boosting Self-Esteem

You might have heard that if you lift your arms, look up, and stand like this for a few moments, you will immediately feel more confident. This body position resembles a mountain pose from yoga and is one of those asanas that are also great self-esteem boosters.

yoga self improvement

Back in 2017, researchers from the UK, Poland, and Portugal studied the effects of the power pose on confidence and self-esteem. 64 female participants who reported being dependent on the opinion of others were asked to do yoga mostly using the mountain pose (tadasana).

Did they feel more empowered?

Yes, the study has proven that standing poses worked great for confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, the participants agreed that they became less concerned with and stressed over the opinions of others.

So, if you’re feeling low and uncertain about your abilities – stand a couple of minutes in tadasana and feel the energy filling your body. That’s your confidence nourishing every cell, bringing you the power to conquer the world.

2. Bringing Clarity to Your Mind

We all have bad days, there’s no point in denying it.

Sometimes you feel like you’re brain is fogging up, and you can’t continue preparing that presentation, learn Italian for your upcoming trip, or even read a newspaper. Your brain just gives up for some reason, and you lose all motivation.

How can yoga help you get out of that rut?

We already mentioned that yoga is not just an exercise option. It has the ability to change your mental state and even alleviate anxiety and depression.

One of the most notable studies proving this point involved kids from an orphanage. Adolescents aged 12-20 underwent two weeks of yoga to study its effects on anxiety and depression. The participants did yoga for one hour for 15 days.

Did yoga help?

The researchers reported lower anxiety levels among the adolescents, although they didn’t confirm the symptoms disappeared completely.

But the most important part here is that yoga worked. It helped the kids feel more organized and clear-headed. And, if they had practiced yoga for a longer time, it would have brought more consistent results.

3. Promoting Self-Love

It’s true that self-improvement and personal development aren’t possible without self-love. It is a fuel that makes us ready and excited to change our lives for the better. And, when we lack it, we feel demotivated.

How can yoga be a solution here?

It’s been proven that any exercise is a form of self-love. For instance, the study involving 652 Spanish students aged 12-17 researched the ability of a workout to promote self-love and boost motivation. The participants were consistently exercising for several weeks.

Notably, the study researched different types of physical activity, not focusing on cardio or running. And, it proved that no matter how you exercise, it helps nurture self-love.

Yoga, as a form of exercise, will also work perfectly here. It also involves various breathing techniques, which have a meditative effect, helping you calm your mind, be grateful, and focus on self-improvement and personal development.

In Conclusion: A Few Stories for Yoga-Inspiration

You may say that the results from scientific studies are all relative and sometimes don’t seem realistic.

But to convince you that everything we shared today is true, here are a few stories of people who excelled at self-improvement thanks to yoga.

For instance, a 50-year-old man named Vernon Kenny quit drinking and smoking after six months of yoga. A 17-year-old Emily cured anorexia thanks to yoga, which taught her to have a better relationship with her body.

Finally, Che, a 45-year-old woman who battles a chronic illness, said practicing yoga helped her understand that her illness doesn’t define her, and now she’s living a happier life.

As you can see, yoga works in marvelous ways. It can not only help you stay fit but also promotes self-love, improves self-esteem, and also keeps your mind clear. As a result, you feel more motivated to work on creating a better version of yourself.

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