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How to Get Kids Interested in Practicing Yoga

By Emily Gibson

Have you introduced your kids to yoga yet? Now is the time to give it a try. Just like for adults, regularly practicing yoga with kids is great for the mind and body.

Here are some yoga poses for your kids that cover strength, focus, and balance. All you need are some comfortable clothes and the right mindset.

Photo by Sandeep Kr Yadav on Unsplash

Yoga Pose for Strength

Yoga is a great way to help gain strength by building up your kid’s muscles and making them stronger.

A bridge pose is one example of a yoga technique that can help build your kid’s strength. To perform the bridge your child will start by laying on their back. Their hands should be placed at their side in a relaxed manner. Have your kids push their hips upward so that their body is at an angle. Keep your child in that pose as you go through a cycle of breaths.

Check out this printable to color and learn more about yoga poses for strength.

Yoga Pose for Focus

A key factor of yoga is being able to practice meditation. Practicing meditation can help build you and your kid’s focus.

The cat and cow pose is a yoga pose that can help improve your kids' focus. They will begin on all fours with hands and knees to the ground. As your kid inhales, instruct them to push their chest toward the ground and hold their head high. This is where the name starts to make sense. Have your kid give a “moo” just like a cow. As they exhale, advise them to push their stomach toward the ceiling making a C shape. Their head should then drop to the floor, making their form cat-like. Now let them give you a nice “meow”. Repeat these movements.

Check out this printable to color and learn more about yoga poses for focus.

Yoga Pose for Balance

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve balance and coordination.

A pose that your kid can do during their yoga session to improve their balance is the tree pose. You may remember the tree pose from when you were younger. Lifting one leg and tucking it to the side of your other leg, similar to the form of a flamingo, to see how long you could hold it. Have your kid stand up tall and straight. Have them inhale and then exhale. While they are exhaling they should take their left foot and place it right in the inner thigh of their right leg. While your kid remains sturdy, have them take another inhale while bringing their hands together in front of their chest.

Check out this printable to color and learn more about yoga poses for balance.

There are many physical and mental benefits to practicing yoga, which can set your kids up to become mindful and healthy adults. Keep your kids active with a regular yoga session so you both can continue with a healthy lifestyle.

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