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Elohim Orion, Elohim of the Third Ray

Elohim - Angels of the Fourth Heaven

The Angels of the fourth heaven are known under the name of Elohim (plural), builders of worlds. They also have several other names: Powers, Spirits, Revelations, and Rulers. The Elohim give strength to people of good will, so that they can be victorious in their work and in their accomplishments. They have power over the forces that tempt us to sin. They also serve as Angels of warning.

The Elohim are in charge of guiding and supervising the planetary forces of our Solar system. If needed, they can change the configuration of the planets. They act as supervisors of various events and are considered guardians of the history.

There are seven Elohim working on planet Earth. By following the Divine design in the early stages of Earth’s formation, they were in charge of the shaping and forming of our planet. These noble heavenly forces have a God-like royal authority.

The Elohim put great effort to help us overcome all earthly barriers and limitations. One of their tasks is to prevent the fallen Angels in their vicious intents. By doing that, the Elohim help maintain the balance in the Universe.

The name Elohim denotes a great intellectual and ethereal force that helps establish Divine order. This supreme power is always turned to God, the Source of all power.

We can communicate with the Elohim using our intuition, dreams, visions, and premonition. They can give us warning signs of incoming danger. To that aim, they may also work through our Guardian Angel.

How to Prepare For Communication

To facilitate your communication with Angels, you should try to do two things.

First, learn how to relax your physical body, for example, by performing a thorough progressive muscle relaxation.

Next, calm the inner flow of thoughts. Our thoughts are always running through our mind. To calm them, there is a form of exercise called pratyahara. Pratyahara can be practiced like this: “Close your eyes and be conscious of your thoughts, but don’t cling to them. Let them flow and just keep an eye on them, like a neutral observer. If you watch them long enough, they will finally start to dissolve and disappear.” More on pratyahara you can find here.

Once you distance yourself from the constant flow of thoughts, you will significantly increase your chances of communication with the Angelic kingdoms.

The Elohim can help us resist the temptations that cross our path and encourage us to follow the Divine laws. They are guides for many lost souls and guardians of the path toward the heavenly realms.

Sometimes, the members of this order are described as warrior Angels. There are seven Elohim engaged in the functioning of our Solar system. Each of them works on their corresponding rays. Each Elohim represents one Divine Flame, one of the Seven Holy Light Rays.

Read out loud the following messages from the Elohim, and contemplate and understand their meanings.

The Great Elohim Orion, Divine Complement Angelica, says:

“I bring you the power of the pink flame to each of you individually. I bring it as a form of spiritual alchemy that melts and dissolves every barrier, every negative feeling, and every harmful pressure in your emotional world, which is so deeply engraved in your memory.

The conflicts, hurts, and traumas of your past have created wounds and scars in your etheric body. At the faintest recollection, they open and spill out the poison of your past hostility, quarrels, and misunderstandings.

People don’t even know how much excess baggage they carry along, and how deeply it is stored in their subconscious mind. There, you can find all your past experiences of all your incarnations, from the moment you have been expelled from God’s realms, to the present day.

As long as you carry within yourself unresolved memories of your past arguments and misunderstandings, the Divine plan brings you close to the people with whom you are seeking resolution. Over and over again, God’s mercy provides you with the opportunity to get everything in order.

Right now, you are brought into contact with people you are not in perfect harmony with. Consciously envision the image of perfection of these people. Let me add to it my intensity of unconditional love and forgiveness for these life streams. If you can do that, you will be fully absolved from the consequences of your past mistakes.”

Prayer to Elohim Orion

You can reach out to Elohim Orion every Tuesday. Say, for example, the following prayer to this magnificent Angel of Power:

“Beloved Elohim Orion, I love you and thank you for your lessons as to how to deal with the consequences of the unhappy memories from my past. I thank you so much.”

pink flame

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Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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