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The 8 Trigrams in Feng Shui Explained

By nvg

The 8 Trigrams are, in fact, ancient Chinese symbols whose origins lie in the I Ching - The Book of Changes. Each trigram is represented by 3 lines, the top line represents the influence of the Heaven, the middle represents the influence of the Humanity and the lowest line represents the influence of the Earth.

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Shelly Z says:

To the author, there are many discrepancies in your article...for example, in the list of trigrams Chen is NW but in the text Chen is East...and this is just one. There are many kun SE or SW. I know enough about feng shui to see what you meant but there are too many was thoroughly confusing. For the new people, please correct. I would have been completely frustrated with the conflicting info. Thank you

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the thorough reading. You are right. It appears that different sources have associated different directions. So we have omitted the direction altogether.

Frater Khien Rodorom Sofrimiento. says:

This is basically incorrect. Khien is 1. Kan as 1 is the numerological connotation, but it is false. This is the view of adcanced esotericism. You should check your sources before spreading misinformation. If you fail to do so, there will be bad karma and pain on your way. Prepare for Hell if you choose so to do.

Zen-Long Pham says:

The trigrams are not associated to the animals of the Chinese zodiac in any way or form. Unless you are referring to the animals labelled on the luo pan. If you are, this is still totally wrong. The trigrams li, kun, kan, chen, sun, chien, tui, ken, written in English alphabets in pin yin form, and are the I Ching combinations for changes of events. The animals and trigrams on the Luo Pan compass are for formulas, where Flying Stars numbers are within the Luo Pan too. You seriously should not be giving false advice, as things within energy qi is a serious matter, and not to be taken as a joke. Mess with other people's energy karma results to ill health, financial loss and other life threatening mishaps..

sunnyray says:

Thank you all for your suggestions; this guest article is now effectively retracted.

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