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Tips to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

By Lori

Fengshui in bathroom decor tips are some of the most overlooked when it comes to house remodeling yet they can significantly upgrade the look and feel of a bathroom. Feng shui is an ancient system of organizing a home to provide a harmonious flow of energy. The right feng shui can uplift the energy in a house, provide balance, and attract good fortune and well-being to its inhabitants.

Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is considered the hardest to organize according to feng shui principles. It's sad because this is one of the places in the house we often visit so there are a lot of energies passing through it each day. It's essential to provide the correct flow of energy or chi in our bathrooms so that we have proper and beneficial energy flow in the home.

It's necessary to keep in mind that water represents prosperity and wealth in feng shui. To harness wealth and success in your home, you must balance the chi in the bathroom. It means harnessing good energy and getting rid of bad energy.


Uplifting energy is pure and free and nurturing. In a well aerated home, pure energy is always flowing in. However, if we are not careful, it can flow down the drains of the house. To avoid this waste of good chi, here are some ways to correct the flow of energy in your bathroom for perfect feng shui balance.

1. Bathroom location

You should not walk into a home and see the toilet. It's terrible feng shui because all the good chi will come in the house and go down the drains of the bathroom. In such cases, you have to put a screen in front of it, for a visual barrier to stop the flow of beneficial energy into the toilet.

2. Balance the five elements

You cannot have balanced feng shui in your bathroom if you do not organize the five elements. These five elements are water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. To have perfect energy flow in a room, you have to represent all these elements and balance them out.

Some elements cancel each other out while others nourish each other. You have to organize the items that represent each feng shui element in your home in a way that they sustain each other. It's not as hard as it sounds because you can do it by just using one or two things. One great idea is to have a picture or wall hanging representing all the five elements in your bathroom. You can also put up a painting made up of colors representing all the five elements on the wall as well.

3. Get rid of clutter

An easy way to mess up the flow of energy in your bathroom is to keep it messy and cluttered. A significant principle in feng shui is that you must have clutter-free space. It gives a clear path for energy to flow uninterrupted. So clear out any non-essentials in your bathroom and keep your counter-tops free of mess. Instead, decorate any visible surfaces with interesting items such as beautiful candle holders, flower vases, and essential oil diffusers for a pleasant aura.

adjust your bathtub habits

4. Keep the bathroom clean

You cannot have a good flow of energy in a dirty bathroom. So make sure your bathroom stays clean and fresh at all times. Make sure its appropriately aerated and smells lovely. You can use an automatic bathroom freshener or some scented candles for this purpose. Also, make sure the bathroom linen is fresh and clean at all times too. The windows must also be open at all times to keep the air fresh and pure as well.

5. Keep the bathroom closed

To prevent the dunk energy from the toilet and shower drains from flowing around the house, keep the door closed always. You also need to keep the toilet seat down at all times for the same reason. Also, it keeps all the germs and microbes where they belong which is down the toilet drain.

6. Strategically place symbolic items in the bathroom

- Mirrors

Since feng shui is about harnessing and providing free flow of good energy as well as balancing it, you have to focus on this when doing your bathroom decor. When it comes to the toilet, you are advised to keep the doors locked to ensure any good energy in the home does not flow down its drains. Also, place a full-length mirror on the outside of your bathroom door for the same purpose.

- Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a good luck charm and will bring good energy into your bathroom. You must make sure the lucky bamboo has eight shoots for this purpose. Nurture it and always keep it looking healthy. You can place it in front of your mirror as anything you put in front of a mirror is doubled in feng shui. Hence, you will increase the prosperity of your house in this way.


- Green plant

Since good feng shui is about keeping the energy pure, you need to keep the air in the bathroom as free-flowing and fresh as possible. You can use plants to purify the air in your shower and toilet areas and also for aesthetic purposes.

- Wood items

You can counteract the strong water energy in the bathroom by incorporating wood elements in your decor. You can do this by adding elegant wooden cabinets that will also act as a discreet place of storage. You can also add colors that represent this element or decorate it with wallpaper depicting vertical columns. The wood element does not clash with water in feng shui; instead, water nourishes wood so it will bring balance to your bathroom.

7. Good color feng shui in bathroom

Some colors bring good energy into a room. In feng shui, regardless of the location of your bathroom, you cannot go wrong with greens, blues, and whites. These colors represent life, purity, and growth. They are perfect for any bathroom and will bring good energy providing the ideal space to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day.

8. Ambiance

Sprucing up the ambiance in your bathroom can bring good energy into the room. It means making everything plush, comfortable and beautiful. Put up soothing artwork, have plush bath mats and install soft lighting. If you notice, spas have this kind of ambiance, and that is why you feel so relaxed and at peace when you are at the spa. So try and mirror the same ambiance in your home, and you will create a fantastic spa like environment in your bathroom.

These are a few tips you can use for feng shui in bathroom decor projects. It's a great way to create a zen home where there is peace and harmony and prosperity. So why not start on your feng shui remodeling project today!

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