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21 Basic Feng Shui Mirrors Tips Everyone Should Know About

By sunny breeze

Mirrors are as essential to Feng Shui as one can imagine. And they seem to fit everywhere. Do you want to bounce off negative energy? No problem. Use mirrors.

Do you want to direct good energy? No problem. Again use mirrors. Some business owners claim they can double the number of customers and increase sales multiple times just by using mirrors.

So, mirrors are powerful. Use them wisely and you will draw an abundance of positive things.

You should also treat other reflective objects, such as water surfaces, pretty much the same way.

And Feng Shui also quite readily uses mirrors to create remedies. For example, you may want to place a mirror to keep away negative Feng Shui from the bathroom and prevent it to affect the feng shui of your bedroom.

In this post we won't go into too many details about working with mirrors in Feng Shui.

We will try to cover the basic. We will present some fundamental steps every one of us should know about these important tools.

We will show you how to reap the benefits of the proper placement of mirrors inside your home. Here are the tips:

water surfaces are also mirrors in feng shui

Feng Shui Tips About Using Mirrors in Your Home

  1. Mirrors in your sleeping area are never ideally placed. The reason is simple. Mirrors bounce energy making it very active. And by definition, your bedroom should be a place of calm, yin energy. The nature of chi is to flow.
  2. If there is a reflective surface, it may use it bounce and accelerate beyond what you want to have in the sleeping area.
  3. If you have to have a mirror in your bedroom, hang it so that it doesn't face the bed. For reason already mentioned, it may cause insomnia and bad dreams.
  4. Avoid having mirrors in your living room. Some people do that, for example, if they want to amplify the pleasant energy when they invite guests and relatives to their home. But the guests can also bring in negative energy. So, better not to hang one in this area.
  5. The best place for a mirror in your home is the dining area. The dining room of your home is where your capacity to hold abundance is located. A mirror here will help you increase your ability to hold the acquired wealth. It doesn't necessarily mean that you will attract money, though.
  6. Don't hang a mirror in the kitchen. It is said that the kitchen contains negative chi (like the fire element from the stove, or the kitchen fumes) that can be amplified by a potential kitchen mirror.
  7. In particular, don't place a mirror opposite the kitchen stove (or behind it). It will amplify the strong fire energy of the stove and may create chi imbalances.
  8. Don't hang a mirror opposite your bathroom door or toilet door. As your bathroom and toilet are places where you rid yourself from waste material, it contains negative chi. If there's a mirror facing this area, this negative chi has the potential to be distributed around the other areas of your house as well.
  9. Place mirrors where you want to create an illusion of space.
  10. Be careful what that mirror is going to reflect. If beauty is reflected, beauty is multiplied. If clutter or disarray is reflected, the mirror enhances precisely that kind of energy.
  11. If you can, position at least one of your mirrors close to a window to reflect the beauty coming into your home from outside. This is especially good if there is a beautiful park, trees, or grass outside, or any part of Mother Nature's splendor.
  12. Don't hang a mirror close to a window if it is going to reflect negative forms from outside, such as electric wires, pipes, or water features (lake, river).
  13. If you have a narrow staircase in your home, it may diminish your good chi and good fortune. To prevent this, you may use a mirror as a cure. It will make the staircase wider and improve the good chi in this area.
  14. Use mirrors if you want to redirect good chi throughout the space in your house. When you are certain that good chi is entering your home, use mirrors to guide it to specific rooms or areas. Don't be afraid to experiment.
  15. The above tip works well when you have a dark hallway. Hang a mirror at its end to help the chi circulate through your entire home.
  16. Don't hang a mirror facing your desk. You may find yourself distracted having to look at a reflection of your work load all the time.
  17. Replace old mirrors with new ones. If the silver on the back of the mirror has worn out, which tend to happen in time, the mirror won't reflect the image perfectly. Replace it with a new one.
  18. mirror is important in feng shui
  19. If possible, use whole mirrors that reflect your entire figure. They will promote a sense of wholeness, as opposed to feeling fragmented when you look a part of yourself in a smaller mirrors.
  20. Don't hang mirrors facing the front door. The main door in Feng Shui is very important. If you have a mirror nearby when you enter your home, it may reflect back your own chi and send it out of the door.
  21. Mirrors should be positioned at medium height. If they are too low or too high, they won't enable seeing your whole body and more importantly your energy body. At the very least you should be able to see your head and shoulders.
  22. If you want to use the powerful Bagua mirrors, never place them inside your home. Their only acceptable place is outside. They are used as a shield against outside negative energy but they should be used after consulting an expert.

The Bottom Line

feng shui mirror

Mirrors are fantastic Feng Shui tools that can help improve the chi in your home if you know what you are doing with them.

Above all, a mirror can help you in the dining room, in the hallway, or if you have a narrow stairway in your house.

Remember to position the wisely, as there are some auspicious positions, such as facing the kitchen stove, facing a window with wrong outside environment, and so on.

Also, please remember that all other objects that reflect light (water features, metallic surfaces, glass surfaces, etc.) can be considered mirrors. The same rules apply to them.

You can use the tips above as general rules but don't take them too literary. They are not absolutely reliable in all situations, and some experts even disagree with some of them, so you never know.

To be absolutely sure, you should hire a Feng Shui expert to help you improve your home's energy. Otherwise you would have to experiment and learn by trial and error.

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