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Useful Feng Shui Tips For a Peaceful Environment

By l.m.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of energy flow and balance that combines the Divine and Natural laws in effort to create a peaceful living environment and to improve our lives in general. This is an ancient system which derives its name from the word Feng, which means wind, and Shui, which means water. The point is that in the past this practical system was implemented by following the natural flow of wind and water in the environment to find the optimal location of ideal energy. In Feng shui it is believed that the universal energy flows with the wind and scatters, but when water is encountered this energy is retained.

Feng Shui was never established as a belief, religious movement or philosophy. However, it has its practical and applicative side which has been proven in practice countless times. So you are not required to believe in it upfront, you are free to implement the principles of Feng Shui and try to find if it works for you.

Feng Shui is based on the theory of chi - universal energy that is present everywhere. It is said that chi runs through all things, visible and invisible. One of the first points of Feng Shui, which by the way is a very intuitive thing to do, is the principle of bringing natural objects in your living environment in order to improve the flow of chi. The other most common practices of Feng shui involve rearranging and readjusting the items in your environment in order to find the optimal flow of energy.

In a narrower sense, Feng Shui refers to the energy inside your home. This energy is not exactly what you can feel directly or sense with your physical senses, for example as architecture or inertial design. But nevertheless, this subtle energy exists and can have a profoundly deep impact on your life. It is a known fact that the energy in your home can differ from room to room, or even from location to location within the same room.

So how can you improve this energy and bring balance and calm in your environment? In the following you will find some tips, and you will see that some of them are very much identical to what common sense suggests, for example eliminating clutter, using natural materials, keeping plants and crystals, etc. Others might be counterintuitive, but worth giving them a try.

Eliminate Clutter

clutter on the desk

This is something that you might have heard repeatedly in your life and Feng shui only reinforces this commonly accepted truth. In order to have a peaceful home and positive energy in it, you have to create order and reduce clutter. What's wrong with clutter is that it traps the particular type of energy (chi) called Shar chi. Shar chi is what you might picture as negative energy. This energy creates blockages and imbalances within the living environment, so by eliminating clutter you are also getting rid of the stale and blocked energy trapped within your home.

Eliminate Sharp Objects

Swiss knife

Another important thing to know is that sharp objects in Feng Shui, in addition to clutter, are seen as sources of Shar chi. Shar chi travels in straight lines. If you have some sharp angles and corners around you, around your bed or near to where you spend most of your time, these can be considered sources of harmful influences. Scissors, knives, sabers and similar objects should be put away and covered.

Clean the sink and bathtub drain

sink drain

The metaphysical meaning of water (not only in this Chinese system, but virtually in all spiritual schools around the world) is related to the world of emotions. If your drains are clogged, this means that you have blocked the flow of emotional energy in your home. This may lead to emotional problems and negative emotional discharges. Therefore, always make sure that your drains are clear and fully unblocked!

The location of the TV is important

TV hanging on the wall

Your TV set, as well as the similar electronic devices you might have (computers, laptops, radios, etc.) are, surely, making a lot of physical noise that distracts you from your calm and relaxed state of being. In addition, such devices are sources of electromagnetic noise. So, keep them away from your bedroom, meditation room, or even from your living room if you can.

You living space should be free from your work

desk full of documents

Do not bring your work to your bedroom or living room. Never sleep where you work. Always separate the space where you relax from the space where you work. Your bills, paperwork, folders, assignments, etc. should be out of sight. If you can, dedicate a separate room if you have to work at home.

Keep your home gym out of your main rooms

exercise equipment

A lot of people keep their exercise equipment in their main rooms, like bedroom, living room or dining room. Exercise machines represent movement, while some of them, like bicycles, represent travel. Thus, they should not have their permanent place in the areas where relaxation, recuperation, meditation and stillness are of primary importance.

Open your windows

windows with a view

It is very important to let light and air into your home. Open your windows whenever you can, especially if there is a beautiful view outside and let your spirit feel the perspective and natural space. If your home does not have a lot of windows, make sure that at least there are some pictures of landscapes and nature on the walls.

Hang some Spiritual pictures on the walls of your house

angel image

Spiritual and religious pictures help bring peace, calm and protection. A picture of Archangel Michael, the greatest Angel Protector, brings protection and strength to your home. Archangel Chamuel can show you how to increase compassion and love. You can also put pictures of Jesus, The Divine Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin, Saint Germain...

Avoid Intense or Fluorescent lights

fluorescent bulb

In your living room, a good balance of lighting should be found. Feng shui does not recommend too intense and glaring lights. For example, fluorescent lights are usually too bright and flickering and do not contribute to relaxation. On the other hand, a dark room is also considered energetically unbalanced. Find the right balance in order to create warm, soothing and reassuring lighting conditions.

Decorate your home with crystals and natural materials

natural crystals

Crystals, stones and natural materials create a feeling of grounding and purify the atmosphere in your home. Crystals are known to promote relaxation and can create and irradiate a healthy energy field around them. Instead of using plastics and other artificial materials, use natural materials, such as marble, bamboo, or cork. You can use them, for example, to make suitable working and deeply textured surfaces.

Decorate your home with plants

beautiful flower

Using fresh blooms and natural plants as opposed to artificial flowers is encouraged in Feng shui. They bring vibrant chi. If you want to use artificial flowers, make sure you clean the dust accumulated on the leaves regularly, otherwise the dust is considered bad energy. Wilted flowers and dying plants should be eliminated, as they symbolize mental or physical tiredness. It is generally considered that the bigger plants are more calming. However, it is not so beneficial to have spiky plants, as they can trap harsher energies.

No mirrors in your bedroom

mirror on the wall

Your bedroom should be mirror free. In Feng shui, mirrors can be very beneficial, and they are used to shift the flow of chi, to increase space and abundance and to create a feeling of refreshment. But, large mirrors are not welcome where you sleep as they might cause insomnia. Mirrors are good in your kitchen or dining room.

Avoid Bookshelves or overhanging shelves


Furniture pointing at you or shelves that hang over your head are to be avoided. Overhanging shelves are problematic since they represent worries and difficulties. Avoid having them over your desk or in your bedroom over your bed.

Install Indoor Fountains


Indoor fountains are very beneficial objects as the sound of running water is relaxing and creates a soothing atmosphere in your home. Not to mention the beneficial influence of negative ions it creates.

Install Chimes

wind chime

Chimes that are hung outside or small chimes that are hung inside can help cure negative energies. They disperse bad energy and can contribute to the peaceful aura of your home.

I hope you have found some useful advices how to improve the overall feeling of peace and prosperity in your home. Remember that ultimately you are responsible for that. These little Feng shui tips will improve the flow of chi and will serve as a reminder that your home should in fact be a place of relaxation, meditation and love.

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Diana says:

Here is an important tip. The Southwest part of your home should be treated according to feng shui. A feng shui wise treatment is important because this corner is related to relationships and love. If you want to have peace at home, this area is very important. To this part we should have the earth element as dominant, as well as some fire feng shui too. Avoid too much wood, metal or water. Put also some love objects, images, rose quartz crystals, or personal objects that remind you and your family of love and unity.

fayna says:

Here is a tip. There is a saying ... wherever the eye goes, the chi goes... In line with it, keep the toilet seat closed. Otherwise, the positive energy of you home can go down the toilet. Cheers!

j. barret says:

I've learned this fengshui trick from a fried a couple of years ago. And it works. I always remove my shoes before I get into my home. While removing my shoes, I imagine all the stress from my job stays outside, rather than being brought with me inside. My home remains peaceful and untainted with any troubles and worries. It's a symbolic gesture but a very effective one. I suggest everyone who wants to improve the peace and harmony in their home to try it.

sunny says:

What a nice advice. Thanks for sharing.

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