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How Feng Shui Helps In Your Success And Prosperity

By Samantha

What is Feng Shui?

Also known as Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui is a traditional practice reigning from China. As the tradition goes, it is a method of divination that uses energy forces to bring harmony amongst individual objects in the surrounding environment of the subject. The term Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water” in English. Therefore, these natural energy forces play a huge role when siting Feng Shui in real life.

The above Chinese thought system governs spatial arrangement laws in orientation to the flow of energy. It is considered that the effects of such arrangements can be favorable or unfavorable when practiced.

Let’s break down the basics with practical ways that can help prove Feng Shui favorable for everyone.

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Feng Shui Factors

When deciding to incorporate Feng Shui in your daily life, you need to remember three primary factors that will lay the ground for you below:

  1. Creating harmony

Feng Shui is the art of harmonizing individual objects that might not go together or sustain a single purpose. It is a way of making the physical objects around you to blend in; so that the energy around you is in balance with nature.

  1. Focus on the feel of energy

Feng Shui is more than anything about the feeling of things. Think about how a decluttered environment may influence your thought process. A clean, fresh space does not only signify being organized. It also shows how ready you are to seize the day. It is about the reflection of your mind towards new opportunities.

  1. Focus on the look of energy

Visuals have always been a dominant force of motivation for the human mind. According to the principles of Feng Shui, providing your brain with visual proof of a success story is liberating for your passion. It drives you to do better when you continuously see something you strive for. Therefore, Feng Shui insists on incorporating its core elements as visuals around your environment.

6 Ways Feng Shui Can Help You Get Success and Prosperity

Now that you have laid down the ground of the basic building blocks of Feng Shui; you can choose among the ways below that you can apply in your home and at your workplace for prosperity and success.

  1. Understanding and making use of the Bagua Map

Bagua is an energy map of your environment that drives energy to specific areas of your office, desk, or home that connect to your life. It is easy to understand Bagua as the central tool to analyze energy to space connection. You can begin by understanding how Bagua works.

  • Stand with your back to the main door of your workroom .

  • Look straight ahead and mark the far left and right corners in your mind.

  • Indicate that the left is your money sector and right is your relationship.

  • Apply similar directions on your desk and home.

  1. Clearing out your environment

Feng Shui highly emphasizes on clearing out your environment. In order to abstain from chaos and generate calmness, you should clear out everything from your environment, especially the work desk. Establishing order on your work-desk will let the workflow better, and it will help clear your mind as well. Start by:

  • Maintaining the order of things to be kept in a certain way.

  • Don’t pile up papers and unnecessary items on your desk.

  • Avoid items that take space. Cleared out area is more peaceful than filled one.

  • Limit what you keep on the surface of your desk by placing things in drawers or cabinets.

  • Practice prioritizing your work by giving attention to what is at hand and do not add tasks for immediate completion.

  1. Incorporating Feng Shui Symbols for Décor

Feng Shui is an energy-driven exercise. It includes certain symbols as significant energy cures. Among a variety of symbols to help in different aspects of your life, there are specific Feng Shui symbols for career success and prosperity. Place them by keeping in mind the Bagua Map as these symbols can significantly influence your work energy. Among many others, here are three popularly used ones:

  1. Dragons – The Success Symbol

Dragons are a well-known traditional Chinese Yang symbol for male-dominant power. Feng Shui empowers dragons as a powerful and auspicious symbol and an excellent cure. They are popularly made with an added pearl or crystal charm in the dragon’s hands to symbolize wealth, strength, and abundance of opportunities.

  1. Horses – The Strength Symbol

A horse is an animal known for its strength, resilience, and speed. Thus, horses are a classical Feng Shui symbol that signifies success, fame, freedom, and speed. Placing a statuette of a horse with its front legs in the air and hind legs on the ground is a powerful symbol of control and strength.

  1. Ru Yi – The Power Symbol

Ru Yi or “As you wish” is a good luck charm for power in Feng Shui. It is known to bring good fortune, hence making its way in workspaces for power and success. Compared to other symbols, Ru Yi Feng Shui can even be worn as a charm bracelet instead of just being placed in your house or on your desk.

  1. Adjusting the placement of your work desk

Feng Shui practice emphasizes on bringing prosperity, success, and happiness through features that people instead don’t consider necessary. Remember the last time you thought about how to place your work desk in your office? It is incredibly influential in Feng Shui that how you position your desk.

The prime position is the command position where your desk is placed diagonally across from the entry door, with your back to a wall. This way gives you the widest possible view of your room, windows, and the door. It signifies command and control that you should have over your work and environment. Because visually, your mind would understand the energy of having control over the room and interpret it towards your work.

  1. Adding natural calm in your surrounding through live plants

Plants incorporate the element of natural growth in a much practical environment. They become the visual proof of growth, encouraging personal and business prosperity. Not only do they harmonize the energy of the room they are placed in, but they improve air quality as well. Some plants that have high regard in Feng Shui practice are:

  1. Using accessories that promote the element of water

Just like wearing Premium Jackets signifies personality to you, the most potent Feng Shui symbol for signifying money is water. As Feng Shui literally translates to wind-water, water is an internal element without which the practice of Feng Shui is incomplete. It is regarded as highly beneficial for health and prosperity.

However, the best part of adding a water element to your environment gives you a variety of options to choose from.

  • You can get an aquarium installed in your office.

  • You can accessorize your desk with a small, live fountain.

  • You can add a painting in your room depicting the water element.

  • You can use shades of aquamarine colors to paint your office.

  • You can have a single dominant wall with a water element as the highlight.


It is crucial to understand that to apply Feng Shui in real life, one need to believe in the energy-driven divination of the practices. Feng Shui will only work if you allow the positive energy flow to infiltrate your surroundings. More than anything, it is a practice of patience and calm energy. Forcing ways in your life and expecting fast results is not the thought behind it. When you allow every single day to be a fresh start to attain new opportunities, you’ll see the true powers of Feng Shui flourish.

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