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How To Create a Hygge Home

By Lily Scott

Whether you are an introvert or a hyper-sensitive person (HSP), the home buying process was most likely a stressful experience for you. Now you are a homeowner and you need to create a space for yourself to de-stress and feel at peace. The way your home is laid out and decorated can affect your mood on a daily basis. 

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that simply means coziness with the feeling of contentment. It is important for introverts and HSPs to have more hygge in their home life. We have curated a list of 7 ways for introverted homeowners to turn their space into a hygge oasis.

7 Ways to Create a Hygge Space

Adding these features to your new home is likely to bring more peace and contentment to your lifestyle. They are proven to help introverted and hyper-sensitive people with overstimulation, as well as anxiety.

  1. Add blackout curtains

Oftentimes, introverts and HSPs prefer the darkness. This can be for a multitude of reasons, but most often it is to prevent overstimulation from light. Adding blackout curtains to your room and opting for a couple of lamps is often a great swap.

  1. Use soft mood lighting

As we said above, it is often better for introverts to have soft lighting, such as lamps, rather than harsh natural or overhead lighting. Another option for soft lighting is colorful LED lights, lamps that mimic the sunrise, and twinkle lights. All of these options are softer options to overhead and natural lighting.

  1. Hang comforting art or family pictures

Nothing is often more comforting for those who are hyper-sensitive than pictures of those they love. A great piece of serene art is also great for a hygge space. Having either of these around your home will provide comfort and contentment.

  1. Create small hangout spaces

Typically, smaller spaces are the most comforting. Create hangout spots with lots of pillows, blankets, and comfy seating in a small space in your home. This will be a great spot to meditate and relax.

  1. Create a dedicated space for hobbies

Having a space where you can solely focus on your hobbies will allow you a great way to relieve stress. Whether it be a cozy area with a crafting table or the ultimate gaming setup, introverts and the hyper-sensitive need a place to decompress and focus on what they love.

  1. Use an air purifier to reduce odors

Strong scents can easily be overwhelming. Using an air purifier to reduce odors will prevent you from getting overstimulated by smells.

  1. Paint the walls calming colors

Color can bring out strong emotions in people. Painting the walls in your home with calming colors can make it a more relaxing and cozy space. For example, blue is known to be a color that evokes a sense of calm in people.

The feeling of comfort is especially important when in your own home. No matter if you are introverted or highly sensitive, you can create a space that is serene and relaxing. When it comes to other parts of homeownership, such as home insurance, there will always be kind and compassionate companies willing to work with your needs. 

Homeownership can be daunting for introverted or highly sensitive people but by following the above tips and tricks you can easily create a hygge lifestyle for yourself.

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Guest post by Lily Scott.


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