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Feng Shui: Attracting Workplace Success In 6 Ways

By Eula Skiles

Feng Shui: Attracting Workplace Success In 6 Ways

Want your workplace to be more successful? Do you want your work to feel good? Do you want to receive more financial and positive gain? Then look no further than the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is essentially about incorporating new ideas and mental fortitude in your life. It’s a great way to improve your work life as well.

Read on and see how Feng Shui can help you improve your workplace and attract success today!

Applying Feng Shui

“Apply Feng Shui principles to your personal and work life is fairly simple,” says Elijah Williams, a psychology writer at Research Papers UK and Writinity. “First, you’ll need to learn about Bagua. Bagua is a part of Feng Shui that’s responsible for creating positive changes in your life. This concept is illustrated on either an octagonal chart, or an energy map with eight points of a compass. Each eight area has a corresponding shape, color, season, number, and earthly element. Meanwhile, the center of Bagua, or the ninth area, represents your overall health and wellness.”

6 Effective Ways

Want to get the most out of Feng Shui? Here are 6 effective ways in using Feng Shui to attract workplace success:

  1. Have Flowers And Plants In The Workplace

Flowers and plants can help you feel closer with nature. In fact, nature is a significant part of Feng Shui, since natural green colors are great for business and personal growth. Plants can also bring about positivity, which can help with health, harmony, and prosperity.

With that said, consider having any or some of the following plants in your workplace:

  • Palm trees

  • Peace lilies

  • Lucky bamboo, AND

  • Money plant (no really – it’s a plant with leaves looking like coins)

  1. Embrace The Right Colors

Did you know that surrounding yourself with certain colors, or wearing them, can help you when it comes to workplace productivity and overall mood? Consider the following colors:

  • The color blue represents a state of calmness. As a result, notions of loyalty, reliability, responsibility, and trust can come about.

  • The color green heavily influences the notion of money-making, because green is the typical color of money. However, this color also invokes feelings of balance and natural vibes, allowing for creativity.

  • The color gray gives off a feeling of sophistication, making you more approachable at work.

With that said, stay away from aggressive colors like red. Red often associates with negative feelings like anxiety and spite.

  1. Declutter

Practicing Feng Shui allows you to tackle a cluttered workspace. Feng Shui encourages to tackle one mess at a time, rather than force you to try and eradicate the hoard. Even simply adding something new and less-space-consuming can be good for your wellbeing. The trick here is to use Bagua to help guide you in either getting rid of stuff, or keeping the right things.

  1. Think Of Where You Have Your Work Desk

“Believe it or not, where you have your work desk will matter when it comes to attracting workplace success through Feng Shui,” says Amber Hutch, a spirituality writer at Draftbeyond. “In this case, you’ll want your desk in the commanding position of the workplace. In other words, you should be able to see the door to the room when you sit at the desk. Just don’t line the desk directly with the door. If positioning the desk as so isn’t possible, then place a mirror so that you’ll catch a reflection of the door while you’re at the desk.”

  1. Look For Your Wealth Corner

Did you know you might have a wealth corner in your workplace? How do you find it?

Here’s how to activate this corner:

  • First, stand (facing in) in the doorway.

  • Look towards the left corner that’s furthest from you.

  • Then, position your desk to that special corner, while having the desk face the door.

  • OR, if you’re unable to move your desk, place either an amethyst or citrine crystal there with intention.

  1. Be Vertical

Finally, it’s important to think vertically. That means integrating vertical lines and shapes into the workplace. In other words, use objects to create the illusion of height in your space, so that the place itself feels taller.

You can use objects like:

  • Tall bookshelves

  • Tall plants

  • Tall light fixtures, etc.


Now, it’s important to note that although results won’t happen overnight, Feng Shui is still a good way to attract much-needed success at work.

Have fun!

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