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The 9 Star Ki and the 5 Elements

By sunny breeze


This article is a brief introduction into the Nine star Ki system of Astrology based on the ancient knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese civilisations. We will briefly go through the most important definitions of the elements and forces in charge, so that you can get the necessary understanding of the basic principles. Then we will provide some insight into how to determine your personal Ki numbers and use the acquired knowledge in everyday life. At the end, you should be able to better understand your personal situation and improve your energy by balancing the Ki.

Ki (Japanese Term), aka Chi or Qi (Chinese Terms) refers to Life Force or Universal energy. In the ancient Chinese civilization, the cultivation and control of Ki was at the heart of meditation, healing, and martial arts.

There are also other terms used for Ki in different cultures. For example we have the term Prana in the Ancient Hindu Culture, and Ka in the ancient Egyptian culture.

This is an invisible force present in the interaction between the two opposite forces: Yin and Yang.

Ki was first seen to have two basic natures:

  • the first basic nature was an emanation from the earth giving rise to landscape, soil, and water. This is the Yin energy.
  • the second type of energy emanated from the universe. This type of Ki is said to determine the seasons and the climate. This is the Yang energy.

Ki is detectable as a result of the interaction between the Yin and Yang energies. Ki also depends on the relative ratio of Yin/Yang. It will be manifested as a particular 'signature' or pattern according to this configuration.

Dynamic Energy

symbols of yin and yang

Ki is everywhere. It is believed to have originated from the Tao (meaning the way). It permeates all of Nature, all things and energies in the Universe. It flows through your body, the food you eat, through your home and office and in the air you breath. Like other forces of nature, the nature of Ki is dynamic - constantly moving from one entity to the next.

This movement means that your personal energy is mixing with that of the other different types of Ki all around you all the time.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system, with elements of science and art, that helps us understand the movement of Ki in and around us. It does so by helping us position ourselves (in terms of location and behavior) in a favorable way with respect to the ever-changing Ki. That way, we can greatly improve our health and happiness.

Ki should not be confused with the Yin and Yang energies, because even though related with them, it is not the same. The nature of Ki, however, is directly dependent on Yin and Yang.

In this system, there is one finer subdivision of elements in the Universe. We speak of 5 different elements: Fire, Metal, Earth, Wood, and Water.

The 5 Stages of Energy

Everything is in a state of constant change. There is a continuous cycle of Yin and Yang. Day changes into night and back, winter into summer, matter into vibration. These opposite states of existence, Yin and Yang, are replacing each other. As a general property, Yin is moving up and expands, whereas Yang is moving down and contracts.

In winter, the energy is at its lowest point. Water is an ideal element to describe this stage.

wood element

When the energy starts to move up, and assumes more of the yin character, can be described by the Wood (Tree) element.

fire element

When the highest point of this upward movement is reached, we have the greatest activity. This is the stage of the Fire element.

metal element

After that, the period of contraction (Yang) starts, which is the stage of the Metal element.

water element

At the end of the contraction phase, we receive at the Water stage again.

earth element

But, as it turns out, there is another stage of energy, which the ancient scholars called Earth. In the system of Feng shui, Earth appears in-between two phases, with its most natural position between Fire and Metal.

Each of the element can be associated with different taste, smell, color, vibration, and so on. They also manifest in our body, emotions, and thoughts. Therefore, these five phases of energy represent the fundamentals of the Chinese traditional medicine, religion, acupuncture, macrobiotic system of nutrition, astrology, and many other practices.

The Chakras

Ki flows throughout the body through a series of 7 key energy areas known as the chakras. These chakras are situated

  • At the crown of the head
  • Between your eyes
  • At the throat
  • At your heart
  • At your solar plexus
  • Just below your navel and
  • At your coccyx

Virtually the exact division of energy centers, chakras, is present also in the Hindu Yogic tradition.

Energy from the Cosmos and from the Earth

The ancient people of China believed that the universal Ki energy originated in the Universe. Before coming to Earth, the Yang part of the Universal energy is filtered by 9 primary stars, hence produced the 9 Star Ki system, or otherwise known as Feng Shui astrology.

The 9 stars are Vega and Polaris (North Star) as well as the 7 stars of the Big Dipper. Vega is in the Lyra constellation and it is the brightest star in the summer sky. Vega represents one end of the energetic spectrum with passive moon-like energy of the Water element.

Polaris (aka the North Star) lies one degree from the northern celestial pole and thus always appears in a northerly direction for anyone standing on earth. Polaris represents the opposite end of the spectrum, with active solar energy of the Fire element. Vega and Polaris are also representatives of Yin and Yang respectively.

After going through these 9 star, and before coming to our planet, this Universal energy is each time given a different quality. So, our climate, seasons, and global Earth's changes are influenced by this filtration process.

The Yin energy, on the other hand, emanates from below, from the Earth itself. This energy shapes our physical world. So, we have cosmic energy from above and Earth's energy from below that interact with one another and influence the energy fingerprint of the place of your birth at the precise time of your birth, in that way affecting your character.

What implications this system has on our life? Well, by knowing your birth date, you are given potential insight into your personal and character traits.

In the nine Star Ki system, there are 9 distinctive stages that occur in a cycle of 9 years. Within each of these cycles, there are smaller cycles of 9 months, and then, yet smaller cycles of 9 days. Each of these stages is seen to affect us in a specific way — it affects our complete being: our body, soul, and mind. This gives rise to 9 basic types, which are represented by the numbers 1 to 9. The bottom line is that each of us has a group of 3 numbers (number archetypes) determining our distinctive personality type, depicting our personality traits and revealing our inherent potential, our strengths and weaknesses.

The first number is your "Principal number". It tells your position in the world. The second number is the "Character number". It relates to your emotional image, and who you are in the world. The third number is the "Energy number". This is how you appear to other people around you and is related to accomplishing your life's goals.

You can find your own three numbers within the nine Star Ki system here. Knowing this unique combination provides information about your nature, your abilities, and your possible weaknesses.

Let's see a little bit about what's behind this system in terms of elemental forces:

In Nine Star Ki, each element is given a number according to this scheme:

  • Water: 1,
  • Wood: 3 and 4
  • Fire: 9
  • Earth: 2,5, and 8
  • Metal: 6, and 7.

For example, number 1, Water, is the most inactive element. It resides on one end of the scale. Number 9, Fire, is the most active element. It resides on the other end. The Earth, numbers 2, 5, and 8, is the most balancing element.

The following image depicts the 5 elements and how they work together (nourish or drain one another) or control each other.

the 5 elements circle of nourishing, draining, and controlling

You can use this scheme to achieve harmonious balance of energy in your body. Here is one example:

If the levels of your earth energy are low (if you feel exhausted and depleted) you can borrow energy from the fire element, as Fire nourishes Earth. You can do that, for example, by eating spicy food, or wearing red clothes. On the other hand, if you have high levels of earth energy (if you feel angry, have constant pressure, or worries) you can get rid of the extra energy by pushing it toward the metal element. Or instead of that, you can chose use the controlling element, in this case, water.

If you learn how to use the basic qualities of each of the 5 elements, which is beyond the scope of this article, you will have a great tool that can help you maintain balance and a degree of control in your life.

About the Author

Sunny breeze is a member of sunnyray's editorial staff.


noella om faith says:

Dear Sunny breeze,

What a beautiful amazing site, to see you share so much wisdom and light. Many thanks and blessings to you and all your staff, May the New Year Bless You All with magic and miracles.

I Am I Am I Am That I Am

sunnyray says:

I wish you the same magic and blessings in the New Year. Thanks for the kind words and support.

Ananda says:


I would like to know where do I stand with my compass to find the different areas of the bagua? I have a studio. I stood in the middle of the space, using a military compass. I did find magnetic true north on it first. is this the right way? My star is 8, Earth.

Thank you for your help,

sunnyray says:

Hi Ananda, I just use the entrance to my room as a reference, regardless of where north is. The area around the entrance would be the middle lower quadrant, and the other quandrants are then distributed accordingly.

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