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The Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Tarot in Love and Relationships

By Pythia

In a recent article we've seen the general meaning of the Wheel of Fortune Card. But what about the specific meaning of this Tarot card when you do reading for love and relationships?

Let's have a look...

In every relationship, we have times of ups and downs. Nothing stays the same, ever. If you relationship is healthy, you are going to experience fluctuations, cycles, and changes. That is to say, the wheel of fortune is turning.

If you draw this card out, it could be an indication that something is changing, for better or for worse, but most of the time it is a sign that something positive will happen. Because... the wheel never turns in an unpredictable way, the changes are gradual and predictable, so, unlike with some other Tarot Cards, don't expect dramatic happenings. It could only mean that you will be faced with a change in direction of some kind.

If you happen to be seeking new love, this card could indicate a good sign. The wheel may turn in your favor, and someone important and precious to you may enter your life. Just be ready for this and remember to open the door. Your potential new relationship won't just happen, you will have to make it happen and work for it to happen. Remember, the Wheel of Fortune just indicates the possibility.

Some people think that this is a complicated card and dislike when they get it in a love reading. And they are right, because when the wheel is in motion everything may happen. Besides, the process of ups and downs can really be annoying. Whenever there is a climax in the relationship, be prepared for a crash. But, again, we are likely talking about good things.

Other people may interpret is a kind of indifferent attitude in an relationship, because since the wheel is in a perpetual motion, nothing ever changes. It also makes a lot of sense, and you will have to look into the entire context of your reading to get such nuances right.

However, in its reversed position, the Wheel of Fortune predicts problems and negative outcomes regarding love and relationships. Hang in there. A period of darkness is looming over your love. Expect some setbacks and be prepared to fight for what you believe in.

In conclusion, this card in its normal position denotes the inevitable ups and downs that every normal relationship could and should experience. It tells us that things will change, but we already know that. Everything changes. Good and bad times succeed one another.

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Article written by Pythia.


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