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Aura Crystal Cleansing

Recently I have received the following question:

I want to brighten my aura to attract love I bought a clear quartz rock. How do I begin the cleansing of my aura?

Without going into too much detail about the motivation which is totally something up to the person who uses the crystals, here is a short introduction into aura cleansing with crystals.

Aura strengthening

For protection, strengthening, healing and energizing your aura you can use clear quartz rock as you indicated above, but also very useful are the following stones: smoky quartz, amber, amethyst, citrine, heliotrope, jet, labradorite, selenite, fluorite, magnetite, verdelite and other forms of tourmaline. You can use them also for healing various punctures in your aura, to remove various mental influences, entities, negative programming, etc.

In order to strengthen your aura it will be enough to hold in your hands two programmed crystals, one stone in your left and the other in your right hand. For example, you can use two rock crystals, two black tourmalines, or two amber stones, and hold them for 20 minutes. This exercise implies that you know how to properly program your crystals for improving your aura.

Aura cleansing, healing and energizing

For cleansing, healing and energizing your aura it is necessary to program a larger number of crystals, preferably different ones, for example, 6 different stones, along with one single terminated rock crystal and one black tourmaline or alternatively one smoky quartz point. They should be strategically distributed around your body and 3 cm away from your skin.

One singly terminated smoky quart can be used as an excellent stone for grounding and dissolving the negative energy patterns from your aura. It should be placed near to your legs, with the point towards the top of your body.

The other stones should be distributed on the side, three of them on the left hand side of your body, and the other three on the right hand side. For instance, use verdelite to patch the holes in you aura, heliotrope to cleanse the aura, and small magnetite to strengthen the aura. On the other side you can use selenite to remove the other people's mental influences, petalite to release negative karma as well as various elementals from it, and rock crystal to patch your aura, purify and increase its strength.

Finally, a clear rock crystal point should be placed 3 cm above the head with the termination directed toward the crown chakra, the last of the 7 chakras. It will attract pure energy from the higher planes and it will vitalize your aura. You should practice this aura cleansing exercise for 20 minutes. However, be aware not to overdo it as this is a powerful practical layout for crystal cleansing and aura purification.

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