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Crystal therapy

People not familiar with using crystal and gemstone jewelry for healing often wonder how effective such treatments are. "Does it really work?" is quite often their question. The straightforward answer would be yes, but the way they accomplish the healing is not in line with what we are used to see..

Whereas we can all feel and witness the consequences of consuming various medicaments and/or herbal remedies on a day to day basis, it is not very obvious what the mechanism is through which the stones are impacting our body. Obviously, in this case there is no direct physical correlation, as we can hardly feel or see any direct and substantial changes upon holding some supposed healing crystals or wearing gemstone jewelry.

Other people would like us to believe that it is sufficient to just buy and wear crystal jewelry in order to improve your health conditions. While this might be true to a certain degree, the real impact will be achieved only with your conscious participation in the process, i.e., only after making conscious effort to include your inner being into the process of health improvement through gemstones. We will come to the actual crystal healing mechanism in a moment.

Crystal therapy, used either for healing others or self-healing, is an ancient art of manipulating crystals, minerals, semiprecious stones and gemstones, with the ultimate aim of promoting deep relaxation, restoring the natural energy flow throughout the body, and getting rid of all the accumulated stress and pain from everyday life.

The crystal healing mechanism

The healing properties of stones and jewelry can effectively be utilized to balance our physical as well as the other invisible subtle bodies. Depending on the actual metaphysical system, the classification of our subtle bodies is slightly different, but we can safely say that there are at least 3 invisible subtle bodies where (at the present level of our spiritual development) we have at least some vague control over.

It is through these subtle bodies that the various crystals and stones work, and they have strong correlation with them --- in particular it is our immediate energy vehicle or etheric body which is a blueprint of our physical body --- which some gems have special affinity to.

In the ancient cultures people were aware of the healing and energetic properties of their precious and semi precious stones. Not only did they use them to adorn themselves as it might look at first sight, they used them to perform targeted healing. They would either carry precious or semi precious stones in form of bracelets, necklaces, ring, earrings, pendants or a couple of loose stones in a specially made leather bags. Furthermore, they would position carefully chosen stones above the organs they intend to heal. Special attention was given to positioning larger groups of crystals, such as geodes formations, clusters, crystal spheres and stones in their homes to purify their living and working space.

Crystal therapy is known to people for more than 5000 years. China and India employed the healing powers of the stones, and traditional medicine in those countries even today uses them. However, a number of unofficial sources point out that crystals have been used even before that time, for example on the ancient land of Atlantis.

Methods of using crystals for healing

Up to date, self healing with stones ad crystals hasn't changed much. The main prerequisite for a successful crystal healing is reaching deep meditative states.

The next step is using crystals either individually or in crystal layouts to focus and direct energy to or from our physical body. Crystal layouts come in different shapes and forms, for example, as light pillars or sacred geometry design and serve as tools to open us toward the multidimensional levels of consciousness. You can be as creative with these energy blueprints as you can, and follow your intuition when creating new ones.

Besides using crystal layouts, you can place crystals on acupuncture points along the meridians, or alternatively on the main seven chakras and additional minor chakras. Actually, one of the interpretations of the acupuncture points is that they are very similar to the chakras, being energy centers of lesser importance. Here we see again the connection between crystals and stones on one hand and the subtle energy body on the other hand.

A simple session of self healing would be using a crystal individually. First identify and locate your problem in order to be able to determine the proper energy center in the vicinity of the affected organ or tissue. Place the selected crystal at the appropriate chakra for 5 to 25 minutes. For a list of suggested chakra crystals and stones look here. In many cases skin contact is not necessary, as properly programmed crystal will open a channel in your etheric body, not physical body. However, it cannot hurt either. If you feel negative sensations at the beginning of this exercise, replace you selected crystal with a rock crystal.

Types of stones for crystal healing

The most frequently used stone in crystal therapy is rock crystal, amethyst and rose quartz. Besides them, recently a great potential have shown the so called lithium (Li) based minerals. For example, some types of tourmaline contain 1-2 percent of lithium and they are used in order to relieve pain and blockages of some meridian paths. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for stress elimination, emotional balancing and removing the excess of charge from our bodies. It contains 3 to 5 % of Li. Kunzite possesses as much as 8 percent of lithium. It activates the hearth energy center and is known to be excellent emotional healer. Hiddenite contains 8-9% of Li, whereas the concentration of this element varies in the lithium quartz.


The therapeutic value of crystals and minerals is not to be underestimated. Currently we are missing a systematic classification of the health related problems and types of crystals that can be used to solve the corresponding issues. This is not an easy task, as there are many different schemes and probably as many wrong information.

People are often advised to use their intuition in determining the right gemstone, or piece jewelry to serve as helping tool for some condition. Currently, this is probably the best tip one can get, considering the way how gemstones influence our energy body. Every individual is unique, every energy field is unique, and what may work in one case, need not work in some other case. Until a better understanding of our true nature is gained, we have to improve our personal development and self growth, hand in hand with using crystal and improving our knowledge about them.

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